ACE advocates for CGD Sector Reforms as Pre-Budget Memorandum in Collaboration with Primus Partners Pvt. Ltd

The Association of CGD Entities (ACE), under the chairmanship of Shri Atnu Chakraborty (Chairman, ACE) and guidance of Shri Subhash Kumar (DG-ACE) in collaboration with the consultancy firm Primus Partners Pvt. Ltd., has submitted a list of key points containing critical issues faced by the City Gas Distribution (CGD) sector in light of the upcoming Union Budget of the Modi Government 3.0. This initiative follows extensive consultations with ACE core and associate member companies, along with other sectoral experts.

The advocacy highlights few key points aimed at promoting the growth and sustainability of the CGD sector, which is pivotal to India’s energy security and environmental goals. The main recommendations presented to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas (MOPNG) deal with:-

1. Incentives Policy for Piped Natural Gas (PNG)
2. Inclusion of Natural Gas under GST
3. Removal of Excise Duty on Compression of Gas for CNG
4. Removal of Customs Duty on Imported Gas
5. Timebound Permission for Installing CGD Infrastructure and Rationalization of Restoration Charges
ACE remains committed to working with the government and other stakeholders to achieve these reforms, which are crucial for enhancing the natural gas sector’s contribution to India’s clean energy goals and overall economic development.

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