Beco Created A Digital IP Of Dia Mirza Using AI For Sending Real-Time Messages To Consumers

Beco Created A Digital IP Of Dia Mirza Using AI For Sending Real-Time Messages To Consumers

Mumbai, July 2022: With a mission to promote eco-conscious living and inspire the creation of a more environmentally-safe culture, India’s first natural home-care brand, Beco, created a digital IP of Dia Mirza, with and devised real-time campaigns with Webengage. Dia Mirza also represents as a brand ambassador and investor at Beco. By implementing artificial intelligence, Beco let’s customers experience real-time, personalized messages and helps in building a community for them.

“Customer experience has always been at the forefront for Beco. With, we innovated the way customers engage with our brand by creating the first ever digital avatar of a celebrity to send hyper-personalised real-time messages. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we’re just getting started” – Aditya Ruia, Co-Founder, Beco

“Beco has always pushed the boundaries, we thought no differently when it came to communication. Tech & creativity are no longer exclusive as we enter the era of Web 3.0, and AI will play a crucial role. With, we created the 1st digital IP of a brand ambassador to deliver personalized messages to customers at key touch points. This has never been attempted before in the A&M industry. And the revolution has just begun.” – Akanksha Gupta, Marketing Lead, Beco

With this launch, innovative AI is the stepping stone to an ever-evolving shift in Beco’s marketing strategies. Beco has incorporated an innovative way to interact with customers where every time a customer receives their order or abandons their shopping cart on the website, they receive a video message from Dia Mirza on their Whatsapp. By integrating Dia’s Digital IP created by, into its service, and leveraging WebEngage to send real-time video updates to customers, team Beco personalized each customer’s journey, while encouraging them to complete the transaction, thereby resulting in increased conversion rates. In order to make the experience more memorable, every customer who receives their order receives a “Welcome Message” from Dia Mirza after the order has been delivered.

Through the use of generative AI technology, creates a digital representation of Dia Mirza, Beco’s brand ambassador. As part of the project, the team created an avatar that involved the creation of a video and audio clone of a person and an IP that was attached to that avatar. By using the text-to-video capabilities of AI messaging, the video and audio clones are combined to generate an individualised message. This gives way to new means of engaging with celebrities and audiences, in which the celebrity is not just a part of the advertisement, but is also a crucial part of the customer journey. Using the digital avatar, Beco can now offer Dia Mirza’s avatar-based messages without her having to set aside the time for a full day of shooting.

“With Beco and Dia Mirza, we’ve created something really unique. The first digital IP of a celebrity being used for the first time for a D2C brand unleashing the powers of AI in rethinking customer journeys is definite of how brands in the future will communicate. At Rephrase we are helping organisations fundamentally rethink how personalization and endorsements can go hand in hand with AI to tackle funnel drop offs.” – Ashray Malhotra, CEO and co-founder,

As a company, Beco is determined to automate marketing processes and capitalize MarTech to enhance the experience for their customers, across their journey and touchpoints. Beco has been working with WebEngage, a full-stack Retention Operating System, to orchestrate omnichannel campaigns by leveraging user insights to provide a hyper-personalised end-user experience. Studies suggest that 75% of customers abandon their carts on average across eCommerce sites – that’s 3 in every 4 potential customers that will leave your checkout without paying. Working closely to address the issues, Beco came up with a creative idea to engage customers with personalized messages from Dia Mirza and created her digital IP with the help of team. This personalisation strategy is aimed to increase conversion rates for Beco through contextual messaging.

“In my role as a climate warrior, I dream to create a better future for my son and daughter and for the future generations. To achieve this, I’ve partnered with Beco to co-create their vision of a clean and healthy world.Using technology to expand this mission can help us bring more like-minded individuals to the movement and make our planet healthier and greener. I’m looking forward to working together with Rephrase and using AI for greater impact”- Dia Mirza, Brand Ambassador & Investor, Beco

By offering unique, sustainable solutions, Beco offers consumers to incorporate natural methods into their homes while protecting the environment. Today, marketing and technology are emerging as complementary disciplines whose convergence offers a wealth of benefits and business opportunities for improving customer journeys and experiences online.

In a world where everything is evolving, it’s essential to make sure you provide every customer with an integrated solution that keeps them content. At Beco, they’re always looking for innovative ways to provide their customers with value-driven experiences.

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