# BornFromArt – Artize Atelier brings artful, award-winning bath fixtures to Delhi…

# BornFromArt – Artize Atelier brings artful, award-winning bath fixtures to Delhi…

# BornFromArt – Artize Atelier brings artful, award-winning bath fixtures to Delhi…

New Delhi, 5th September, 2022: The Artizebrand of luxury bath collections has opened its Atelier studio in the upscale MG Road of Delhi.

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Spread over 4,000 sq ft, the space has been designed by renowned designer Michael Foley, to manifest the brand’s ethos of ‘Born from Art’. Artize Atelier spotlights the brand’s award-winning products like timeless works of art in an ambience inspired by art galleries. It allows visitors to explore the roots of Artize’s designs and the fine craftsmanship of the products that make them worthy of being considered as functioning pieces of art.

Artize is a brand created by, and for, design connoisseurs. With art-inspired shapes, minimalistic forms, and meticulous finishes, the brand’s collections signal the onset of a new era in bathroom luxury. A view that is shared by some of the world’s most respected design awards including Reddot, iF, GoodDesign, ElleDecor and many more, which have recognised and awarded Artize products like Linea, Tailwater, Tiaara, Confluence and many more.

The brand believes that its products are not luxurious for luxury’s sake, but to offer to its discerning customers, a bath space that is a reflection of their refined taste.

At the Artize Atelier, customers can touch, feel and experience the quality of Artize’s exquisite products, as well as get expert guidance to choose and purchase the right products for their requirements. The choice includes Artize’s Signature collection and the Select collection.

The innovative, fuid, almost-sculptural pieces that define the Signature collection remain unparalleled in their design and temperament alike. A visit to the Artize Atelier is all you need to do to bring home a slice of revolutionary contemporary art born of iconic artistic endeavours such as Art Deco-inspired minimalism and ancient Japanese pottery.

The Artize Select collection too, never fails to catch one’s eye. The products in this collection, like Esplenda, Travina, Rainjoy, Kavalier, Onyx and Quadra, areold yet elegant, futuristic yet rooted in tradition. Inspired by ground-breaking art movements – from the Dutch De Stijl to the Russian avant-garde – each creation in this diverse line is the epitome of form-meets-function.

With a complete range of products available, including wellness solutions like bathtubs, saunas, steam cabins, whirlpools, and even an intelligent, touch-based electronic water-mixer system like the ShowerTronic, there’s no place like the Artize Atelier to discover and upgrade your bathroom’s luxury quotient to the most opulent level imaginable.

Following the opening of Artize Atelier at Mumbai& Delhi, similar Artize Atelier spaces are expected to come up in Kolkata&Bengalurusoon.

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