Platinum EVARA unveils latest exquisitely crafted curated collection for this season

Platinum EVARA unveils latest exquisitely crafted curated collection for this season

Platinum EVARA unveils latest exquisitely crafted curated collection for this season

Kolkata, August, 2022: Take your style game a notch higher with exquisite platinum jewellery from Platinum EVARA. Crafted from 95% pure platinum, the collection includes versatile designs that range from captivating necklaces and alluring wristwear to intricately crafted earrings and elegant rings. Delicate yet seamless forms, combined with unique diamond pieces come together to create a one-a-kind story much like the individual tales of the women who adorn them. Crafted with fluid dexterity, they symbolize the Evara woman’s indomitable spirit that remains resplendent, uninhibited and fearless as she takes pride in her own interpretation of femininity.

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The collection includes dreamlike patterns, mobius loops, and grooves that reflect a unique design narrative that complements the inherent style of the Evara woman. The scattering, splintering, and expansive patterns along with the interrupted forms, fluid dimensions, and spatial elements come together to elaborate the many facets of the Evara woman’s unique personality and seamlessly align with her style statement.

Each piece in the collection is extremely versatile and lends itself easily to a wide variety of occasions- right from the boardroom to brunch. Each Evara design can just as easily complement a stunning black gown as it does that soft breezy chiffon sari. The perfect style partner for every occasion– Evara.

Here are some of the top picks from the latest curated collection of Platinum EVARA: 

Platinum Wonderfully You Necklace

Crafted in 95% pure platinum, this stunning necklace features three flowing lines of platinum pellets with unexpected rose gold facets. It uplifts the style quotient of that little black dress at an elegant cocktail and can just as easily bring alive the soft, fluid and free flowing structure of a sari at a traditional do. Understated, classy and yet resplendent, this piece sits pretty around your neck as you effortlessly glide from a rocking party to a more solemn formal do.

The Platinum Constellation

This constellation around your neck compliments the universe within you and makes you shine inside out whether it is the boardroom or a friend’s milestone birthday party! Interspersed with diamonds placed intricately along the modern design narrative, this unique neckpiece is just right for that exciting date night as well as that special red-carpet moment. Whatever, the occasion this gorgeous platinum design from Evara’s latest collection will ensure you look your stunning best always!

Platinum Fine Symmetry Danglers

This exquisite pair of earrings feature triangle motifs that freely suspend a sleek interlinked chain with a platinum pellet. The avantgarde style of this design promises to make heads turn. Paired with a flowy, pastel brunch dress, this unique design, adds to the soft, delicate vibe of your look. It can also add just the right amount of edge to your power dressing game, taking it to the next level.

Platinum Starfall

Like a stunning medley of shooting stars falling from the night sky, this piece is designed to remind you of every time you make an impression by just being the woman that you are. The angular design with just a dash of rose gold, catches you by surprise to break the monotony and add a touch of elegance and magic to your daily wardrobe. This stunning piece transitions effortlessly from boardroom glam to dinner date elegance.

Platinum All About You Bracelet

This simple yet chic bracelet crafted in rare platinum, a metal that stays true to its natural white, is designed with an interwoven chain and held together by a circular motif. Its rose gold circumference draws attention to its platinum surface and instantly elevates the design narrative of this seemingly simple yet elegant bracelet. This bracelet promises to do just that for your chosen attire. Whether accompanied with a formal gown or a smart casual jumpsuit, this one-of-a-kind design adds that extra dash of panache to create an exclusive and endearing style narrative that catches one by surprise

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