Runaya Group commits towards gender diversity and inclusion as a mark to celebrate Pride Month 2022

Runaya Group commits towards gender diversity and inclusion as a mark to celebrate Pride Month 2022

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National, 2022: Demonstrating its commitment towards gender diversity in the workforce, Runaya Group, one of the leading fast-growing manufacturing start-ups, today announced celebrating the on-going Pride Month by ensuring that 60% of its direct workforce is women and on-boarding 2% employees from the transgender community to strengthen and promote an inclusive work culture within the organisation and into its supply chain through partners.

In addition, Runaya will also onboard people from all geographies of the country with a view to maintain a healthy geo-mix. Furthermore, as a responsible corporate of the country, Runaya will also encourage hiring from ex-army backgrounds.

The organisation currently boasts of a rich culture with more than 60% of women in their direct workforce, and about 30% of women in the indirect workforce. Runaya also plans to include 1% specially abled people into its workforce to further bolster inclusivity, across all their locations.

Runaya Group is also holding various internal events as well as training sessions to celebrate the month while pledging to increase the number of employees from the LGBTQAI+ community. A sensitisation and awareness program is also being run in collaboration with the transgender community to spread awareness about the challenges faced by them.

Pride month is an entire month dedicated to the uplifting of LGBTQIA+ voices, a celebration of their culture, and the support of their rights.

Commenting on this, Naivedya Agarwal, Founder & CEO, said, “Our ethos lies in being a diverse and unbiased organization. It is a matter of great honor and joy for us as we embrace and celebrate our fellow members from the LGBTQIA+ community. We take immense pride in the fact that the majority of our workforce comprises women. It is our responsibility as a brand to give equal opportunities to every individual irrespective of their gender, or preference. We look forward to the contribution of these talented folks towards Runaya’s pledge to save the earth through its sustainable solutions for partners.”

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