Sumukhi Suresh announces her first-ever 1000-seater solo performance of Hoemonal in Bangalore

Pan-India – Sumukhi Suresh, popular Indian stand-up comedian, showrunner, writer, and actor, is all set to make history to announce a 1000-seater solo performance. The event will take place at Ambedkar Bhavan, Bangalore, where she will perform her latest stand-up comedy special, ‘Hoemonal,’ live on 25th March 2023.

The 1000-seater solo performance, which is a first for the comic, is a testament to Sumukhi’s hard work, dedication, and talent. Through her comedy special, Hoemonal, she will go from talking about dating after 30, hormones, PCOS, Indian TV shows, and the price of being an ambitious, independent woman. If you want a wholesome night out with your girlfriends, Hoemonal guarantees laughter and cries.

Commenting on this milestone, Sumukhi mentions, “I was so happy to announce my first-ever 1000-seater show and now the tickets are selling fast, I am a nervous wreck! No one stopped me from doing this before but I thought I could never sell that many tickets or perform my solo show for a thousand people. However, I realized that they were just excuses.” She further added, “So when I did gather the guts to do it, it was a no-brainer that it had to be in Bengaluru. I started my comedy life from here with The Improv and it only made sense to start from home!”

In addition to the Bangalore show, Sumukhi also plans to bring 1000-seater shows to the cities of Chennai and Hyderabad in the near future. Fans across the country can definitely look forward to more laughter that will tickle their funnybones.

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