Supertalent Puts Talent First In The Recruitment Process Using Behavioral Assessments And Anonymized Profiles

Supertalent Puts Talent First In The Recruitment Process Using Behavioral Assessments And Anonymized Profiles

July 2022 – Supertalent is a modern data-driven talent portal that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to connect qualified talents to organizations with the right work values and personality fit. The startup takes a nontraditional approach towards talent acquisition, putting the talent at the center stage.

Today, more than 50% of working people are dissatisfied with their jobs. The market has seen a significant number of resignations lately, and the most prominent reason for leaving the job is the cultural mismatch between the employee and the employer. Individuals are looking for jobs that not only fulfill their monetary requirements but also align with their cultural and value expectations.

Tom Zrubecky founded supertalent to bridge this gap between individual expectations and company fit. The portal uses a combination of behavioral assessments and anonymized profiles to find the right talent for the company. This new-age approach gives less importance to an individual’s previous experience and more to the right personality fit with the team and the company.

Supertalent utilizes behavioral assessments for both the individual and the company looking for the talent. In the last four months, the startup has assessed more than 25,000 individuals and companies that answered more than 1,000,000 unique questions. The algorithms based on these answers are able to find the most relevant experience of the candidate. It also takes into account the future potential of a candidate instead of just considering their previous experience.

The portal also removes the information imbalance between companies and candidates. It shows candidates their personality fits with the company they are applying to. This adds another dimension to the application process, providing candidates with more information than just a plain job description.

To ensure candidates are more comfortable applying for jobs using its portal, supertalent completely anonymizes personal candidate information. Details like picture, name, age, or gender are hidden from the company. Candidates have the power to decide when and how their true identity is revealed. This removes any potential cognitive biases in the recruitment process.

Companies are also asked to complete value fit tests. This helps the portal match the candidate to the company with the right fit. In addition to hiring new talents, companies can also use supertalent’s behavioral assessments to test their teams and drive personal development and company values.

“Everyone claims these days that there is almost no available talent on the market. Although it’s generally true, we disagree. Based on our research, we know that there are many people off the market who are willing to change jobs. They just want to make sure that the new job will be better than their current one. And it’s no longer primarily about the money, but about their personal fit with company values and culture. And we offer them exactly this information. To know beforehand if their personal settings would fit with company values and culture.” reveals Zrubecky, co-founder of supertalent.

Supertalent believes in giving back to the environment. It has partnered with One Tree Planted, which plants trees all over the world. The startup will plant one tree for every successfully hired talent via supertalent and aims to plant 1,000,000 trees over the next ten years.

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