Mr Denny Thomas Honoured as Global Peace Ambassador by H.H. Sadguruji

Mr Denny Thomas Honoured as Global Peace Ambassador by H.H. Sadguruji

Mr Denny Thomas Honoured as Global Peace Ambassador by H.H. Sadguruji

Mr Denny Thomas, The President of DennysWorld.Inc, was honoured by Padmashree H.H Brahmeshananda Swami Maharaj as “Global Peace Ambassador” in a function held at Thapobhoomi, Goa on 4 th August 2022 Thursday.

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An Environmentalist, Strategist, and Philanthropist Mr.Dennys is commemorated in recognition of his unprecedented contributions in promoting Peace, Love and Humanity through international education, culture and diplomacy. Mr. Dennys is also designated as the Chairman of Integral Books Pvt. Ltd., Director of Amruthagiry eco life pvt ltd., Director of Sat karma Foundation, Director of Cancer mission India, etc. He is Globally well connected throughout more than 35 countries in association with Reputed universities, Spiritual and Political leaders and Global reformers. Mr Dennys is also serves as an advisor for Jnanageetha magazine published by Integral Books pvt. Ltd.

In the function Mr. Dennys said “it was a great honour to get acknowledged as “The Global Peace Ambassador” by H H Sadguruji as he is so popular as the “World Peace Leader” specially in Arab and Western countries. It gives me more responsibility and commitment to continue with my efforts to full fill the ultimate goal of bringing Peace and Harmony and make this World One Family” He added.

Padmashree H.H. Brahmeshananda Swami Maharaj The Spiritual Leader and Head of Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth, also honoured Dr Mohammed Khan as the “Global Media Celebrity” on the propitious occasion of Dattaguruvar Utsav,Dr Mohammed Khan, President and CEO of Khans Media City, Dubai who is well known to the world as the Creative Brain behind FIFA World cup, International Olympics, DSF, ArabHealth Congress etc. He also serves as Government of India’s Ambassador for domestic and international initiatives like Swachh Bharath, Digital India, and Make in India. The awardwas delineated to him in praise and acknowledgement for his most recent success as a
Global Media Celebrity, by winning the esteemed Bharath Rathna Dr A P J. Abdul Kalam award in 2022.

In addition to being a Spiritual Master with International acclaim, H.H. Sadguruji has the title of “ world Peace Leader” for Global fraternity, Inter faith leadership, Harbinger of humanity, Political cooperation, and Religious harmony. As always, H.H Sadguruji has evinced his reverence towards interfaith relationship collaboration by honouring Mr Dennys and Dr. Mohammed Khan , who are on the contrary, represent other religions. “Spirituality only foster the answers to every problem in this world,” said H.H Sadguruji during his address. “God is omnipresent, all that is needed is to feel and understand the aura of God in everything we do”. So we believe in the philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kudumbakam” He added. The event marked the August presence of Adv. Brahmidevi, Director in- charge of Sri Datta Padmanabha Peeth, Dr Anil Mathew, The strategic partner of Dennysworld.Inc., Mr Parag Shah (Mumbai), and Mr Ramchandra Naik, Director of Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth. Thousands of His Holiness SadguruJi’s disciples and common public also attended the
fortunate first Dattaguruwar of Shravan Month.

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