5 Effective Ways to Decorate Your Home in This Festive Season

5 Effective Ways to Decorate Your Home in This Festive Season

by Fenesta Building Systems

Festive season brings unseen happiness, enthusiasm, and energy around. We want to live in a completely fresh environment and, for this purpose, give a touch of newness to almost everything in our lives our homes, our surroundings and even our wardrobes.
Our homesneed a fresh touch during the festive season to ensure the spread of positive energy across. Festival season is the best time to renovate our living areas and to redecorate interiors. Decorated interiors, flower ornamented nooks and aesthetically decorated rooms can give the vibes you wish to have during the season. With some rearrangement of items, cleaning and some colours, you can give a different and engaging look to your home. Let’s take a deep dive into the top 5 ways of renovating and revamping your home to make it festive-ready
Revamp the look of windows and doors– Renovating a home is incomplete without giving a fresh touch to windows and doors. You can upgrade to sleek and aesthetic uPVC or aluminium windows & doors, or choose from vast variety of internal & external doors made with hybrid polymer or engineered wood material. These windows&doors not only enhance the beauty of your home but also offer you numerous benefits. Due to their distortion resistance capabilities, they are highly durable. With the option of customization available along with vast colorpalette to choose from, these new age windows and doors are surely ruling the fenestration market. You can choose from the exquisite and unique midnight black color and various wood colors in aluminium range of windows and doors,or various colors available in uPVC range of windows and doors, to add a new flavour to your home in this festive season. Besides, they are extremely effective in preventing outside noise, dust & pollution making the home a peaceful place. Furthermore, they are eco-friendly, energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Fabrics and furnishing – While making your home festive-ready, you must think about changing the fabrics and furnishings. In making changes, you can think about giving a modern look to your home, oryou can opt for a traditional look which is in vogue today. This year, try adding throw cushions and Benarasi fabrics to add a touch of glamour and create a festive mood in your space. In this way, your home will have an aesthetic touch.

Lighting installations-Festivals are closely related to brightness. You can think about illuminating your home with good lighting arrangements. The type of lighting and its placement can widely impact the mood of a space. You can experiment with different types of lighting fixtures such as lamps, chandeliers, fairy lights or LEDs to brighten your interiors during the festive season. Integrating certain kinds of lighting that add an accent to a space can enhance its quality without any major changes. With fancy lighting arrangements, you can make your space festive-ready without a heavy investment.

Add a fresh coat of paint:Festivals also have a relationship with colours. Without painting your home with perfect colours, you will not be able to give your home a festive look. Give your walls a new makeover with a fresh coat of shade that suits your mood and festive spirit. Besides walls, you can also think about giving a new look to windows &doors with the coloursof your choice.

Decorate with flowers to rejuvenate your mood: Flowers are the most simple and eco-friendly decorative item to add to your list. They not only lift up your surroundings but also add more charm to the look. You can mix and match the artificial flowers with some fresh ones and decorate your lovely house.

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