Affle wins ‘Enabling Technology Company of the Year’ for the 4th consecutive time at the Mobile Marketing Association’s Smarties India awards

Affle wins ‘Enabling Technology Company of the Year’ for the 4th consecutive time at the Mobile Marketing Association’s Smarties India awards

Affle (India) Limited, a consumer intelligence-driven global technology company, today announced that it has for the fourth consecutive time, won the prestigious ‘Enabling Technology Company of the Year’ at MMA Smarties 2022 (organized by the Mobile Marketing Association) in India. This recognition comes from the Affle2.0 Consumer Technology Platform’s sustained focus on innovation to help leading global marketers reach out and impact their target audience.

This prestigious platform award came together with awards for 7 other high-impact mobile advertising campaigns delivered through Affle’s consumer platform. These winning campaigns were delivered for leading advertisers, including Swiggy, Lotus Herbals, Spotify and KFC in partnership with agencies like Interactive Avenues, M&C Saatchi Performance, and Blink Digital.

These wins came in the most pertinent and high-focus categories for Affle’s technology innovation efforts including Innovation on Connected Intelligent Devices, Lead Generation, Personalization, Real-time Marketing, O2O/New Retail/Innovative Sales Channels, and Brand Experience.

Anuj Khanna Sohum

Commenting on these achievements, Anuj Khanna Sohum, the MD and CEO of Affle said, “Each year we have made tremendous strides in strengthening our impactful tech innovations that power the mobile marketing ecosystem. Winning the top honour at MMA Smarties 2022 for the 4th year in a row is a momentous occasion for us and strengthens our confidence in the vision to create innovative solutions that shape and disrupt marketing technologies of the future. This win is also an inspiration and appreciation of Afflers for their dedication to continue creating impact with their contributions. One of the pillars of our Affle2.0 strategy is based on expanding the scope of our products and solutions to connected devices mapping end-to-end consumer journeys. We will continue to foster this culture of innovation enabling us to deliver industry-leading sustainable growth and build a greater strategic moat.”

Charles Yong, Chief Architect and Technology Officer of AffleCharles Yong, Affle’s Chief Architect and Technology Officer said, “Winning the Technology Company of the Year once again marks a significant milestone in our innovation journey. I am proud of the work put by our tech and R&D teams in creating unique industry solutions and products by leveraging the capabilities of AI & Big Data Analytics. The real-time capabilities of our solutions help advertisers target the right users at the right time. This award is a testament to our capabilities and inspires us to push the boundaries of technology to drive customer success.”

Affle is a thought leader in the field of User Acceptable Advertising and has built a robust patent portfolio with 21 patents across India, US and Singapore. It now has 6 patents granted in the US, while 15 patents are filed and pending across jurisdictions.

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