Agricultural fair to be held in Bhopal from 2 – 4 December; Opportunities for new technologies, organic products, and startups

Agricultural fair to be held in Bhopal from 2 – 4 December; Opportunities for new technologies, organic products, and startups

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Bhopal, 16 November 2022: Agri Expo India 2022 is going to be organized in Bhopal on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of December with the joint effort of Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and Yuva Udan Foundation. In collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Madhya Pradesh, Government of Madhya Pradesh, MSME, and NABARD, the agricultural fair will be held at Bittan Market Ground, Arera Colony of the city, where new agricultural technology, organic and natural farming training and knowledge sessions for farmers and agricultural startups will be organized. The expo will open door to new opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Mentioning the new opportunities for the participants of the organic and natural agriculture fair based on new farming techniques, the organizer, Mr. Govind said, “Farmer advisory booth for farmers participating in Agri Expo India 2022, a free workshop for farmers/visitors B2B and B2C market platform will also be made available for the farmers along with the expert panel, subject matter expert conference, and exhibition of latest technology of Indian agriculture.” He further said, “We will promote the startup ideas of the youths in the agriculture sector through the expo and their products will be made available for sale. Apart from this, a group of registered farmers practicing organic farming will reduce the demand and supply gap with the visitors.”

He further said, “Family farmers will also be present there, who will sell organic products. Apart from this, conferences will be arranged with Padma Shri-awarded agricultural experts who will discuss topics like new farming techniques. The registration process will also continue for the benefit of government schemes and Agriculture Department like NABARD, etc. for the farmers, youth startups, and visitors.”

Handicrafts, traditional and indigenous products will be available for sale in Agri Expo India along with organic food stalls, organically processed food, organic raw ghani oil, jaggery, organic cereals, spices and pulses, rice, honey, sugar, coffee, tea, etc. Thousands of farmers from across the state and country are expected to attend this expo. At present, more than 100 villages have been connected with the organic indigenous seeds, herbs, and Ayurveda expo location. Agri Expo India 2022 can be seen as an ideal place to gain access to the most promising agricultural possibilities under one roof.

In this three-day organic agriculture fair, farmers will be made aware of innovative farming techniques by experts, soil and weather conditions, improved varieties, selection of crops, right seed rate, use of fertilizers, water management, and proper use of modern agricultural equipment. They will be advised on how to increase production at less cost. Apart from this, workshops and live demos will also be organized by experts on agricultural techniques like drip irrigation, micro drop irrigation, water management, proper use of water, and how to supply nutrients to the plants in a balanced way. The farmers will also be given information on checking soil fertility, and how to improve the nutrients and health of the soil for crops. While using new farming techniques, efforts will be made to increase the income of the farmers with more production at less cost, and reducing expenditure and labor.

During these three days, the emphasis would be on building market linkages between producers and customers while promoting the organic market. In the expo, the suppliers, partners, and potential new customers will meet each other. The market and products presented here will prove to be an important platform for all product organizations and companies working in the organic sector. The production company will present its products to the farmers and the visitors coming to the fair and will also analyze the market.

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