AirAsia India integrates the Pilot Flight Duty Logbook with DGCA’s eGCA Platform for improved efficiency and transparency

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Mumbai, March 10th, 2023: AirAsia India, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), integrates the Pilot’s Flight Duty Logbook directly from its Crew Management system to the eGCA platform. The eGCA platform provides end-to-end solutions and connectivity with regional offices to improve transparency and accountability across all functions of DGCA.

This initiative, as part of DGCA’s digitization program, will eliminate the need for pilots to hand-fill their flight and simulator duties carried out during their career in physical logbooks, thereby improving efficiency and transparency. Pilots were traditionally required to update their Pilot LogBook in physical logbooks, as required by the MOCA’s Aircraft Rule, 1937 (67A). However, with the integration of AirAsia India’s Crew Management system with eGCA’s LogBook API (Application Program Interface), this process will now be digitised, making it simpler, more user-friendly, and more sustainable.

Talking about this initiative, Capt. Manish Uppal, Head of Operations, AirAsia India, said, “We are proud to collaborate with DGCA in integrating our Crew Management System with eGCA’s LogBook API. This initiative is a significant step towards improving the efficiency and transparency of the aviation industry and also contributing to sustainability. By eliminating the need for pilots to manually update their Pilot LogBooks, we are simplifying the process and making it more user-friendly. This initiative in conjunction with DGCA is a testament to our commitment to innovation and digitization, and we are excited to continue working towards making services simpler and more user-friendly for pilots.”

eGCA provides 298 services, including pilot licensing, with the goal of adding value to DGCA safety regulation, eliminating operational inefficiencies, improving personal interaction, regulatory reporting, increasing productivity, and increasing transparency. With this partnership, AirAsia India and DGCA are striving to make services simpler and more user-friendly for pilots, while also enhancing the overall efficiency and transparency of the aviation industry.

In addition to providing accurate real-time pilot flying hours, this integration will also facilitate the timely submission of applications for pilot licensing, renewal, and endorsement by eliminating multiple data validation steps. As manual intervention in the process is significantly reduced, this will result in faster processing of applications, as the verification of flying data in submitted applications will be considerably streamlined. This initiative will greatly benefit both pilots and DGCA, improving the efficiency and accuracy of the licensing process.

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