APL Apollo launches ‘PPR-C Plumbing System’ for a High-tech and Resilient Water Supply

APL Apollo launches ‘PPR-C Plumbing System’ for a High-tech and Resilient Water Supply

Date, Delhi: APL Apollo, one of India’s leading PVC pipe manufacturers, has announced the launch of ‘PPR-C’ a multi-layered plumbing system for high-tech and resilient water supply, as an indispensable solution for today’s extreme weather conditions.

With over 35 years of a constant supply of high-quality piping systems, water tanks, and bathroom fittings, APL Apollo’s all-new PPR-C range is a multi-layered anti-bacterial piping system that comes with a heat fusion jointing and has good thermal insulation. The APL Apollo ‘PPR-C’ is a superior piping solution that can not only handle extreme temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 95℃, but also has a lifetime of more than 50 years. This cost-efficient range consists of 4 variants: Thermotech, Thermotech Plus+, Mono layered, and Triple Layered. While the USP of the product is its high resistance against heat and chemical effects, the other key features include durability, cost-efficient, leak-proof, frost-proof, environment-friendly and much more.

Announcing the launch of the all-new ‘PPR-C’ range, Mr. Sameer Gupta, Managing Director, said, “Keeping in mind that India is a country where certain areas face extreme temperatures and in order to address the rising concerns of the intense weather conditions that have gripped the country, we have infused our newly launched PPR-C plumbing range with the latest tech and unrivaled innovation, that can provide an uninterrupted water supply without changing its color, smell or taste even under high temperature values. Our PPR-C range is the perfect solution for the plumbing worries in buildings and industrial piping systems.”

He added, “We are a brand that constantly strives to deliver high-quality products at affordable prices. Because, ultimately, our core aim is to make the lives of our customers more accessible and better. And our PPR-C piping range successfully does that.”

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