Ashok Leyland’s Diwali Film Unveils a Joyous Journey

Crafted by Schbang, Ashok Leyland’s Diwali Film 2023 encapsulates the brand’s unwavering dedication to infuse joy and celebration into every journey, beautifully captured through the traditional Indian truck art

Embarking on a joyous journey into the heart of Diwali festivities, Ashok Leyland is thrilled to unveil its Diwali Film 2023. This animated film takes viewers on a journey into the colorful world of traditional Indian truck art—a celebration of culture, tradition, and the spirit of the festival of lights.

Set against the festive ambiance of Diwali, the film captures the excitement and eagerness of animated truck art elements embarking on a unique mission. Their goal is to transport a varied load of Diwali decorations, including the radiant glow of Diyas, vibrant lights, colorful embellishments, and essential festive treats. This lively animated convoy is on a festive expedition, vividly portraying the anticipation and enthusiasm as they bring these celebratory items to their eagerly awaited destination.

The ad film highlights the significance of transport during Diwali, showcasing the journey of goods from Kashmir to Kanyakumari through the lens of vibrant truck art. It emphasises how goods carriers connect the nation during the festive season, symbolising unity. The narrative poetically describes the relentless journey of trucks, bringing joy and festive treats to every corner of the country, ultimately conveying the message of celebrating Diwali together with Ashok Leyland as a reliable companion on the road.

Speaking on the ad film, Shreya Kargaonkar, Brand Solutions Lead, Schbang said, “Experience the magic of Indian truck art in our enchanting animated film, celebrating Diwali like never before. With intricate paintings, vibrant colors, and a joyous mission, this animated cinematic feast for the eyes captures the essence of this unique folk art and the Festival of Lights. Bright, bold, and unforgettable, our film brings to life a visual identity that stands out and evokes feelings of joy and positivity.”

She further added, “This film not only celebrates the nation’s diversity but also resonates with our core message of unifying different manzils with Ashok Leyland’s vehicles. Join us in embracing the Diwali spirit as the journey of Ashok Leyland trucks serves as a reminder of the togetherness that makes this festival truly enchanting.”

Smriti Agarwal, Group Creative Manager, Schbang expressed her views, “In the vibrant tapestry of Diwali celebrations that adorn every inch of our great land, one common thread ties us all together: our Ashok Leyland Trucks, transporting that festive feeling from one end to the other. While we cherish the exchange of gifts, the sweetness of sweets, the glow of lights, and the artistry of rangoli during this festive season, let’s not forget the unsung hero behind it all – Transport. Have you ever wondered how these treasures journey from one corner of our nation to another?

Our film, adorned with vibrant strokes of truck art, illuminates this journey, revealing how the wheels of goods carriers bridge our diverse nation during this season of celebration. While writing this film I truly wanted to dive deep into a heartfelt exploration of the spirit of Diwali and this film serves as a testament to the unseen heroes who enable the magic of this festival to bloom. May it inspire you to celebrate not just with lights, but with the spirit of unity and gratitude. Happy Diwali!”

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