Autodesk Announces Cloud-Based Solutions that Extend the Digital Thread, Drive Sustainability

Autodesk Announces Cloud-Based Solutions that Extend the Digital Thread, Drive Sustainability
  • Alok Sharma Director- Channels – (India & SAARC) Autodesk India

Digital transformation is knocking down silos one by one—and with better collaboration comes bigger questions.

Questions like: Can owners and operators optimize their assets today and reduce future costs? Can design and engineering teams share data without giving up intellectual property? Can electrical engineers adopt new tools and workflows to design for a future of renewable energy?

Three big questions. One answer: Yes.

Tandem extends the digital thread to facility monitoring

Data is becoming a defining business asset. Yet 95% of all data goes unused in engineering and construction. Autodesk Tandem harnesses BIM data to establish the existence and location of assets, enabling digital transformation for owners by connecting disparate operational systems and contextualizing them within a 3D environment, or digital twin.

Last year we introduced our digital twin solution, Autodesk Tandem, for delivering a digital twin as an outcome of the BIM process. This year, we’re extending the value of Tandem’s powerful digital twin to monitor facility operations. Customers can now connect Tandem to operational systems and data to create a digital twin that provides insights for reducing cost and improving occupant experiences.

BIM insights and asset operations come together in one digital management solution

The post-pandemic shift to remote work has driven building owners and operators to maximize value and increase the efficiency of their facilities. Analyst firm Verdantix reports that 30% of facility executives are making cost reduction their top priority, with 22% focused on decarbonizing their building portfolio. That is why Autodesk collaborated with iOffice + SpaceIQ to enable smarter facilities and better decisions, empowering the industry to drive down costs and carbon.

Archibus is the company’s integrated workplace management system (IWMS) software. The new Archibus and Autodesk AEC Collection Bundle tightly integrates BIM, building operations and workplace software for centralized data management. This helps building owners and operators get more value from their BIM data both upstream and downstream. The alliance enhances Autodesk’s capabilities for operational building management to better support customers across the building lifecycle.

Info360 Plant brings operational, analytical platform to water industry

In the era of climate change, water and energy conservation measures are not nice-to-have, they are must-have. According to the EPA, municipalities and utilities could save up to 30% on energy costs by incorporating energy efficiency practices into water and wastewater treatment plants, leading to improved sustainability. Info360 Plant is a cloud-based operational analytics platform built specifically for the water industry and designed by water experts. It provides real-time, automated, actionable analysis and insight to reveal and resolve issues with justifiable data. Info360 Plant uses the power of digital twins to help plant operations teams deliver clean water, reduce their carbon footprint, manage and mitigate operational risks, reduce operating expenses, manage compliance, and justify facility improvement projects.

Increased cloud collaboration

We’re also continuing to invest in cloud collaboration and coordination for AEC customers to help optimize design workflows, detect issues early in the design process, and speed up project delivery time to reduce risk and cost and achieve better project outcomes.

Intellectual property stays protected with advancements to project sharing
Bridge tool in Autodesk Construction Cloud, released in March enables cross-collaboration between accounts, meaning firms can establish their project information in their own account, then share that information in a controlled manner eliminating errors and reducing project risk.

Enabling better organization and collaboration for Civil 3D

Data management and collaboration are crucial for complex civil engineering projects. BIM Collaborate Pro leads the way in how civil engineers collaborate across project teams using the power of the cloud. With the upcoming Desktop Connector, collaborators can access the appropriate Civil 3D project data on a web browser or on their local machine more quickly than ever before. With the launch of the new and improved Sheet Set Manager, users can more efficiently manage and edit their documentation deliverables. This allows users to create, remove, reorder, and make edits to existing sheets. Improved collaboration support enables publishing directly to PDF and the ability to share drawings with external stakeholders – all from the cloud.

Teaming up for sustainability

Climate change is prompting innovation in energy generation, storage, and consumption. By 2040, 60%[3] of the energy we use will come from renewables. And industry-disrupting forces deserve paradigm-shifting solutions.

Recognizing the challenge, Autodesk partnered with Schneider Electric to develop an electrical engineering design solution that integrates directly with Revit, creating a more complete and robust software that simplifies electrical design, analysis and equipment sizing with real-time calculations in a single BIM platform.
Advanced Electrical Design for Revit now extends the benefits of BIM to electrical engineers and designers, streamlining how they work and filling critical gaps in BIM-based workflows.

The Advanced Electrical Design solution will empower electrical engineers to drive long-term digital transformation, providing greater value to customers on their journey into the new energy landscape – a must for a sustainable future.

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