Avantor Named Best Bioprocessing Company in Chromatography at the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards


Singapore, Mar 16, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Avantor, a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the life sciences, education, government, and advanced technologies & applied materials industries, has been accorded the Best Bioprocessing Company for Chromatography at the Asia-Pacific Bioprocessing Excellence Awards 2023 (ABEA).

The award recognizes Avantor’s ongoing efforts to provide innovative chromatography solutions that enable biopharmaceutical manufacturers to optimize processes and enhance product quality. With over four decades of experience in bioprocessing, Avantor is committed to addressing the complex challenges of downstream chromatography by providing a comprehensive range of equipment, products, and services.

” Chromatography is one of the most important components in enabling scientific breakthroughs and bringing promising biologics to market effectively. This award is a testament to our commitment to developing and delivering innovative solutions that help our customers optimize their bioprocessing operations,” said Narayana Rao Rapolu, Vice President – of Biopharma AMEA and General Manager, South East Asia & Taiwan (SEAT) at Avantor. “Our chromatography solutions can play a critical role in supporting biopharmaceutical manufacturers’ acceleration of their drug development timelines and improving the quality of their products.”

” We are exceptionally proud to have been selected by the panel of industry experts and honored at this year’s ceremony as the Best Bioprocessing Company – Chromatography. Avantor’s chromatography solutions have demonstrated innovation and effectiveness in addressing the challenges faced by biopharmaceutical manufacturers, and we are excited to see the continued impact of these solutions in the industry,” said Christophe Couturier, Executive Vice President of Asia, Middle East & Africa.

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