Bachpan Play School Steps into 20 Years of Legacy & Learning


New Delhi 27th Febuary 2023, Bachpan Play School, making preschooling experience an enthralling and fascinating one for lakhs of students, is taking its step into 20 years of legacy and learning on the 11th of this February. With its innovative and forward-thinking approach to children’s early learning and development, Bachpan has established itself as a pioneer in preschool education and stands out from the rest.

Bachpan endeavors to provide an organized curriculum as well as a supportive environment while addressing children’s physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive needs as best as possible. Carrying a vision of how fiercely the education sector of India needs to evolve, Bachpan came up with new innovative ways of learning as early as 2004, making it easy for children to comprehend things without making the learning tactics either boring or obligatory. Bachpan values and acknowledges the fact that children are active learners who learn better through hands-on experiences and interactions. So, it makes sure to provide them with such experiences and interactions on a day-to-day basis.

Bachpan has nearly 20 years of successful experience in education and operates over 1100 play schools across India. From Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south, Bachpan has branches in Nepal as well. Bachpan seeks to establish that early childhood is more than just learning numbers and alphabets. For this purpose, technology is one of the most important keys to learning at Bachpan.

Mr. Ajay Gupta, CEO and founder, founded the parent company S.K. Educations in 1999. Sharing his experience about how he started his quest for establishing such a pioneering and neoteric preschool, he mentioned how, while looking for a preschool for his daughter, he discovered various loopholes in the contemporary education system. He broached the subject of systematic curriculum and learning aids that lacked age-appropriateness. That’s how he came up with the idea for Bachpan; to emphasize the importance of early development and, more importantly, to make education an exigency rather than a compulsion.

Bachpan, while giving foresight into its future plans, mentioned that it is looking forward to spreading high-quality preschool and formal school education to every corner of the country. On the franchise model, it already has 1100+ Bachpan Play Schools and 110+ Academic Heights Public Schools. Moving forward, Bachpan hopes to broaden its presence on a global scale and help every child reach their full potential through enjoyable and exciting learning experiences.

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