Beehive’s HRMS to drive 30% higher employee engagement (for SMEs) with its latest upgrades in performance management tools

Beehive’s HRMS to drive 30% higher employee engagement (for SMEs) with its latest upgrades in performance management tools

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Mumbai, 13th March 2023: Beehive, India’s fastest-growing cloud-based HR Tech firm further upgrades its robust HRMS platform and enhances its Performance Management and Goal Setting module. The new features are designed to establish a motivating work culture through a continuous 360-degree feedback mechanism and realistic goal setting. The upgrade is touted to boost employee performance around 30% thereby enabling organisations to achieve their business goals.

Picture of Mr. Haresh Awatramani_ CEO_ Beehive

Beehive’s performance management tool is designed for performance in the post-pandemic world. It works on three key pillars – Engaging, continuous and real-time feedback making everyday performance better, powerfully personalized frameworks and frequencies and AI-powered intelligence with a talent lens much beyond performance. The tool reviews & rewards employees identify potential hotspots that require fixes, and delivers exceptional employee experiences, backed by a gold mine of people data. The comprehensive suite allows the company to identify, award and retain high performers and brings clarity on the corporate goals & how to achieve them.

The new generation performance tool shall act as a growth accelerator platform for the employees. Some of the key additions in the tool include – Individual Development Plan (IDP) & Holistic Talent profile which shall deep dive into an employee’s growth graph to see the progress and chart out the best career path for him. Parallel, the Goal setting module shall bring clearer KPIs & ROI with a clear roadmap for employees from where to start & clear endpoint.

“The great resignation, quiet quitting, the transition to a hybrid work environment, the threat of burnout, and the constant flux of external scenarios necessitates much more sensitive and well-thought-out organizational practices. It underlines the need to re-engineer the traditional performance management systems for both employees and HR managers. Beehive’s upgraded performance management & Goal setting module will not only help drive high performance in complex and dynamic working models but also enhance overall employee engagement.” said Mr. Haresh Awatramani, Founder & CEO, of Beehive Solutions.

Beehive recently upgraded its Tech platform with the OKR module, which was designed for gen-next requirements. In a short period of time, the company has grown by more than 70% year on year and is now operational in more than five countries; it is a unified web solution for all HR requirements.


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