Beej Network to Invest $3 Mn in Start Ups

Beej Network to Invest $3 Mn in Start Ups

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March 14th, Chennai: Angel Investing firm, Beej network, announced its plan to invest 24 cr (over $3 Mn) in 24 early-stage startups by the end of this year 2023. Beej Network provides financial aid to qualified startups through integrated resources. This in turn fills the gap in the financial early-stage funding ecosystem.

The co-founders Nikhil Jain, Nikhil Sethia, K.V.T. Ramesh, and P.S. Suman decided to establish Beej Network 6 months ago after living the experience of Angel investing for more than 4 years with a portfolio of 60+ startups. Beej has built an investor base of over 400 investors with 10 Startups in their portfolio.

“We started Beej Network with one goal, to bring leverage to revolutionary startups. Our focus is towards building a high-value generating ecosystem.” said co-founder of Beej Network, Nikhil Jain, upon asking why they established the network. Beej’s Angel Network is building a bridge that facilitates big-ticket investments for high-growth startups. At the same time, they also encourage first-gen investors new to the idea of startup investing by welcoming investments as low as INR 3 Lakhs.

“At Beej, we have various rounds of assessments before we decide to fund a startup. We follow a Sector Agnostic approach keeping the quality of the startup as the primary criterion of evaluation. We pay attention to the founding team, their experience, and hunger- that’s 40% of our due diligence. Other than that, we look at the scalability- if they are capable of making a dent in the market. Most importantly we figure out a successful exit plan for our investors.” Nikhil Jain mentioned.

Beej Network takes pride in investing in startups like Chaiwaale, Swytchd mobility, Mr.Med, Crib, and many more startups. Beej is also planning to launch its CAT 1 Angel AIF soon. This AIF Will work as a FAAS (Funding as a Service) as well. Along with the FAAS, they will also be launching their PAAS (Platform as a Service).

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