Brillare is going absolutely naked with 100% ingredient transparency

Brillare is going absolutely naked with 100% ingredient transparency

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 March, 2023: Brillare is India’s first truly 100% natural beauty and personal care brand. It offers quality products, made with all natural ingredients and formulated for high performance yet safe results. With ingredient literacy at an all-time rise, Brillare is aiming to empower consumers by disclosing every product ingredient on the front label of the pack and proving its authenticity upfront. Through its honest and naked approach, the brand is challenging the entire status quo comprising of countless pseudo-chemical-free brands that offer only greenwashing and subpar solutions in the garb of natural products and promotes them with stories of visual cues of nature and exaggerated claims.

In their latest campaign that emphasizes the need for inculcating absolute trust and transparency in every ingredient, right from its percentage to its sourcing, Brillare intends to extend tremendous benefits to customers and help them make the correct purchasing decision. Taking users beyond mere story-telling and superfluous products, the company has emerged as a pioneer in the realm of skincare and haircare by championing a novel business approach founded on real solutions and proven claims.

The campaign video features a colloquial conversation between the products with an aim to take ingredient literacy to a notch higher. In the short videos launched for Brillare’s three 100% real natural products: Onion Hair Oil Shots, Neem Powder Face Wash and Vitamin C Face Serum, the brand emphasizes on how the consumers should focus on ingredients instead of the stories.

Speaking on the occasion, Jigar Patel, CEO, Brillare, said, “In our latest ingredient-centric campaign, we are not only claiming to be India’s most truthful and authentic personal care brand but are also verifying this assertion by providing concrete evidence on the pack itself to substantiates this claim. Furthermore, we use 100% natural ingredients that are utilized at their actual effective levels rather than just for namesake purposes. While the rest of the cosmetics industry is focused on selling dreams rather than genuine solutions, we have consciously steered away from such tactics. We are committed to a business philosophy that prioritizes the use of ingredient efficacy over sub-standard storytelling and greenwashing.”

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