CABT Logistics launches CABT Surface – the company’s FTL division

CABT Logistics launches CABT Surface – the company’s FTL division

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CABT Logistics

13th March 2023, NEW DELHI: CABT Logistics, India’s leading logistics company is expanding into the Full Truckload – FTL segment to upgrade the current traditional Logistics model. Since its inception in 2018, CABT Logistics has witnessed steady growth. The company’s turnover was INR 250 Cr in FY23 and aimed for a turnover of INR 500 Cr in FY24.

A trusted partner in the sphere of logistics needs in terms of First mile, Last mile, and Warehousing, CABT Logistics is now all set to gain a strong foothold in FTL. Working closely with giant retailers and start-ups, CABT Logistics understand the nuances of seamless logistics and the gaps their clients face. Therefore, as a part of its strategic growth plan, the organization is gearing up for a massive expansion into the FTL business Nationwide both Intra and Inter-city.

The project titled CABT Surface will ensure Logistics Service with the best SLA (Service Level Agreement). Catapulting the sector towards growth and innovation, CABT Logistics will be working on quality offerings, standardization of contracts, frequent reviews of the outcomes & performances, and achieving customer service goals.

Jagadish R, Head of CABT Surface Business said, “CABT Surface is an endeavor to optimize and standardize the sector ensuring that we are able to offer superlative services to our clients. We are working actively towards executing the plan for the Nationwide FTL/PTL expansion targeting INR 200Cr turnover by FY24 under the CABT Surface business.”

Shailesh Kumar, founder of CABT Logistics shared, “CABT Logistics has been at the forefront of seamless logistics. We have expanded regularly to ensure we give the best services to our clients. Be it warehousing or the adoption of EVs, the company has always stayed ahead of the curve. We believe there is massive potential in India for the logistics sector to grow. To achieve better results for our clients we are now getting into FTL as well. We are investing heavily to ensure that this expansion is a success and helps the entire sector elevate its services.”

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