Cafe Calma Gives South Bombay the Chance to Revel in a All New-alfresco Dining Experience

Cafe Calma Gives South Bombay the Chance to Revel in a All New-alfresco Dining Experience

Standing tall at Kemps Corner since 1962, The Shalimar Hotel – a stalwart in India’s hospitality landscape is a known face in the South Mumbai culinary scene. And from The Shalimar Hotel now comes Cafe Calma, launched by Yash Advani, an alumnus of Les Roches Global Hospitality School (Switzerland).

In the heart of Kemps Corner, with the vista of the distant Arabian Sea, Cafe Calma is built around the ethos of sustainability and serenity. Using a hydroponic system, which grows plants in water-enriched nutrients; rather than soil, the cafe is about organic and sustainable ingredients which are sourced responsibly. What is not house-made comes from a carefully curated clutch of producers, ensuring freshness that gives the good food a good mood feeling. Even the littlest attempt in urban agriculture contributes to a larger eco-friendly step.

Founder Yash Advani said, “Cafe Calma was born not merely to give people fresher, nutritionally dense and hydroponic based super meals. While that is a vital aspect of our philosophy, the essence of Cafe Calma’s existence is – we want to craft a gastronomically honest and emotional story between our diner and every dish. This is why we seek to serve with culinary dedication and excellence – there are no shortcuts to our food served with a whole lot of love and warmth. I am very excited to see my vision come to fruition.”

The cafe’s menu is conceptualised to give patrons not only a gourmet experience but also to be a bridge between deliciously good tapas and great conversations. A culmination of subtle to robust to passionate flavours and palate choices, it includes an array of culinary concepts divided into Small Plates, Tartines and Large Plates. While Small Plates includes various flavourful and unique items like The Beetroot and Buratta Salad, Wild Mushroom Tacos, and Roasted Sweet Potato & Bacon Jam, to name a few, the Tartine menu is a classic mix of local and global cuisine. As Yash Advani puts it, “You don’t have to eat less; you just have to eat right.” It comprises delectable dishes such as Katsu Tartine, Avo Tartine as well as The Cafe Calma Signature – Roast Chicken spiced with Salsa Roja, Parmesan, Romaine, Basil, Cream Cheese Pesto, Aioli & confit Cherry Tomatoes – and more. The Large Plates menu consists of an extensive selection of delectable dishes, namely Ricotta Gnudi, Vegetable Paella, Herb-crusted Lamb Chops and The Mojo Picon Chicken – the perfect comfort food.

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