Fairmont Jaipur to Host Regal, Eco-Friendly Holi Celebration

Holi PicNational, March 2024 – Fairmont Jaipur, renowned for its beautiful amalgamation of luxury and history, extends a warm invitation to guests to whirl in a kaleidoscope of colors this Holi. Experience the magic of Holi like never before at Fairmont Jaipur, where every moment turns into a memory. From the 23rd to the 25th of March, the palatial abode will transform into a haven of curated festivities and joyous feasting, offering an exquisite Holi-staycation experience.

Guests will have the unique opportunity to witness the symbolic Holika Dehan ceremony on the 24th of March evening, followed by the cultural extravaganza of Shaam E Khaas activities. Delight in the artistry of tattoo and henna creations, be captivated by mesmerizing magic shows and engage in hands-on experiences like clay pot making and bangle crafting. The celebration extends to the rhythmic beats of Rajasthani dance performances, adding a sense of cultural immersion to the royal revelry.

Adventure enthusiasts can choose from a selection of thrilling activities, including the Jhalana Leopard Safari, Classic Car Tours, and off-beat hiking trails. To enhance the experience, guests can indulge in rejuvenating therapies at an exclusive 20% discount, ensuring a truly refreshing stay.

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