Dance and fight masters in the film industry are always paid a lot of obeisances: Mr Tanikella Bharani, an actor

Dance and fight masters in the film industry are always paid a lot of obeisances: Mr Tanikella Bharani, an actor

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Dance and fight masters in the film industry are always paid a lot of obeisances: Mr Tanikella Bharani, an actorHyderabad, March 13, 2023: ‘Kuchipudi Nritya Ranga Pravesham’ of Law Student, Mridula Annabattula held on Friday till late evening at Ravindra Bharathi, Hyderabad.

Mr Tanikella Bharani, an actor, screenwriter, poet, playwright and director was the Special Guest at the function.

Speaking on the occasion he said in-film industry Dance and Fight masters are paid a lot of obeisances. Mridula performed so well like a seasoned dancer. She will have a lot of bright future, he said.

 Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna Badrinath Nandula,  Hon’ble Judicial Member, NCLT said the performance of Mridula was not like an entry (Ranga Pravesham), but as an experienced dancer.

A daughter of an advocate Nagaraj Kumar and disciple of Smt. Pavani Sreelatha Prasad, Abhinaya Kuchipudi Kalakshetram, her dance arangetram was well attended by over 500 gatherings.

Dr. Bhagavathula Sethuram was the Chief Guest. Dr. Venkata Rama Krishna Badrinath Nandula,  Hon’ble Judicial Member, NCLT, Hyderabad was the Special Guest

In a statement issued on the eve of her ‘Kuchipudi Nritya Ranga Pravesham’ the 21 years old student in Master of Law, Mridula Annabattula said ‘she wants to practice law after her master’s degree and also pursue dance. Both are important and equal to me. Further, ‘my dream is to do MA in Kuchipudi’. Profession and hobby are inseparable, she said.

She performed Tandava Ganapathim, Kuchipudi Vasishtyam, Maninoopura Dhaari, Veekshekadaa Deva Devam Tarangam; Sarasamuladetanduku Jaavali; Thillana, Mangalam

Starting from early at the age of six, Mridula has been dancing for the past 14 years. Though my mother Kavitha pushed me into it initially, I have developed a lot of interest in it. It is now my life. Pursuing both, studies and dance are not a burden. Though the study of law and subsequent practice demands a lot of homework and added to this learning dance may add up to my stress levels. But I see it as my stress buster. Every professional must have some hobbies/passions to pursue. Without which it leads to a stressful life. It may even lead to Blood Pressure. One should take small breaks from routine work to avoid getting bogged down by work, says the young girl.

Kuchipudi, which has its roots in ancient culture, was developed as a religious art linked to temples, and spiritual places. Dance teaches discipline, patience, and timing, it gives confidence and builds strength. This will help us succeed in any profession we are in and more so in the l profession that I will get into. The legal profession is highly demanding. One needs to be a student throughout life, just like the dance. And I am confident that I can handle both

Starting with the induction of Cornelia Sorabji into the High Court of Allahabad in 1921 to practice as an Advocate, the legal profession had thrown open its doors to women. 11% of judges in India are women and 15% of lawyers are women. More and more women are getting into the legal profession. Practising an activity that brings you joy can benefit your professional and personal life, she says.  I want to make big in the legal profession as well as in dance, she exerts her confidence.

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