Exciting Culinary Triumph at Zayka-e-Dilli Season One

The inaugural season of Zayka-e-Dilli culminated in a spectacular showcase of Delhi’s culinary prowess, orchestrated by the visionary Mr. Adit Kohli, the driving force behind Delhi Foodiez. The competition unfolded as a riveting saga of gastronomic excellence, where participants vied with unparalleled creativity and innovation to tantalize taste buds and push culinary boundaries.

Golden Zayka Awardee Hema Banate

Culinary Champions and Their Rewards

Mallika-e-Zaika: Laddi Dhingra emerged victorious, claiming the coveted title with her exceptional culinary finesse. Her prize includes a digital wifi enable Philips Air Fryer, DFZ Merch, and an exclusive feature on the DFZ Food Channel, filmed in the state-of-the-art DFZ kitchen studio.

Golden Zayka Awardees: Hema Banate and Anjali Saxena, the deserving runners-up, were honored for their outstanding skills. Hema received a Wonderchef Nutriblend Mixer Grinder, while Anjali was awarded a Wonderchef Oven Toaster Grill and Cookware Set. Both winners also secured DFZ merchandise and a chance for a video feature to showcase their talent.

Golden Plate Winners: Khyati Dhaval and Sumanjli from Meshi Da Dhaba shone as culinary stars, earning exclusive Izhaar merchandise for their excellence.

Appreciation for Esteemed Judges

A heartfelt thank you to the esteemed judges – Chef Dr. Izzat Hussain, Ms. Sonal Jindal, Chef Nishant Choubey, and Chef Dominic Gomes – whose expertise added magic to this culinary odyssey.

A Celebration of Delhi’s Gastronomic Heritage

“Zayka-e-Dilli transcends mere competition; it is a jubilant tribute to Delhi’s rich culinary legacy,” remarked Mr. Adit Kohli. The event showcases the passion, creativity, and dedication of our local chefs, inviting all to savor the diverse flavors of Delhi in upcoming seasons.

Unbiased and Free Participation

Unlike many awards, Zayka-e-Dilli ensures a fair and unbiased platform, with participants not required to pay for entry, fostering a truly inclusive and authentic culinary experience.

Unforgettable Culinary Journey

Zayka-e-Dilli featured three unforgettable rounds, including thrilling online challenges and a grand finale cook-off, all captured and shared exclusively on the Delhi Foodiez group. The competition not only showcased culinary talent but also left a lasting impression of delectable finesse.

Opportunities for Brand Partners

This event presents an exceptional opportunity for brand partners and food manufacturers to showcase their products, engage with a discerning audience, and be part of this unique culinary extravaganza.

Engaging the Community

The award show also recognized and rewarded members who actively engaged and supported the participants on the vibrant Delhi Foodiez platform, fostering a sense of community and culinary appreciation.

Zayka-e-Dilli Season One was a resounding success, a testament to Delhi’s culinary vibrancy and the boundless creativity of its culinary artisans.We are really excited about the upcoming season two which promises to be even bigger and better.

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