Facts and Myths about the Miss & Mrs India

Facts and Myths about the Miss & Mrs India

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Mrs Amrita Kaur

Countries are trying their best to be more advanced and developed than the other ones, there are many things in which they have shown their power, strategies, and beauty to the world and proven themselves to be the best in the world. There are competitions like Miss World, and Miss Universe to showcase beauty and talent to the world.
Similarly, there are in-house competitions such as Miss India, and Mrs. India, where people represent the country. Likewise, Sohni Punjaban is a fashion show for women to represent the traditional wear and culture of Punjab.

People want to participate in such competitions but due to certain myths that exist unable people to participate in such competitions.
1) People think beauty pageant is all about walking on the ramp to look fancy.
But the fact is ramp walk is to project yourself in front of people and it trains you to be strongly independent and create a healthy self-image in the world.
2) One needs to be fitted with a certain height to participate in these competitions.
But, talent speaks, there are no such criteria for participation, and confidence is the only essential factor.
3) One needs to stay away from the families for the training.
But in reality, India is known for its family values and to understand the priorities of the family most of the training is done online.
4) One pays a huge amount of money to participate and buy good clothes.
The fee is the investment of your work or career that will help you to grab more opportunities at your doorstep connecting one to another.
5) Fluency in English is mandatory for participation.
Completely wrong statement as weightage is given to our national language, you can speak both English as well as Hindi.

These are the myths that people find in every walk of life to participate in such competitions. Sohni Punjaban is a great platform for women to be a beauty and personality pageant and showcase talent to the world.

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