Feel the Essence of Kashmir at Hotel Sahara Star with Zaika-E-Kashmir

Feel the Essence of Kashmir at Hotel Sahara Star with Zaika-E-Kashmir

Mumbai, September,2022-Hotel Sahara Star one of India’s unique luxury destination situated in the heart of city, Mumbai is all set to celebrate Kashmir’s rich Cuisine, culture and heritage. The festivity will bring together appetizing authentic Kashmiri delicacies whereinChef Abdul Qayum Reshi is sure to make you fall in love with Kashmiri food all over again from 6th October 2022 to 23rd October 2022.

Kashmiri cuisine is more than just food – its an essence of paradise. Natural ingredients like saffron& Kashmiri red chilies enrich the flavor and enhance the aroma of the cuisine.
Kashmir has many traditional delicacies teasing the palate of many ethnic food lovers. To deliver an authentic experience of its flavors Sahara Star is presenting the winter friendly cuisine Zaika-E-Kashmir at Namak

“Zaika E Kashmir” will take you on a journey to Kashmir with its theme, décor, artifacts and instrumental music that will give you the ambience of Kashmir. Chef Abdul Qayum Reshi along with his team will create Kashmiri traditional delicacies as part of this food festival.

Keeping up with the promise and zeal for innovation and bringing about new things , Kashmiri Bazaar is live at Sahara Star with traditional Artifacts, sculptures and other handloom products on display as this grand festival is not just about taste but overall ambience and experience.

The festival will treat your taste buds to the delectable and succulent dishes that include NadrukeGoolar, Paneer Zafrani Tikki, Tandoori Trout, TabaakMaaz and Main Course- NadruYakhni, HaaqSaag, MujGaad, Goshtaba. The traditional Kashmiri kahva will be served on arrival.

“We’re happy to be able to give people theexperience of traditional taste of Kashmir through Zaika-E-Kashmir.The dishes laden with Kashmiri spices and a distinct Zaika (flavour).”Says Chef. Ranjan Ranjani,

Venue : Namak, Hotel Sahara Star.

Lunch- 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Dinner- 7:00 PM to 11:45 PM

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