Fenaa Alawwal and the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts Launch the Sadu Workshops

Fenaa Alawwal and the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts Launch the Sadu WorkshopsRiyadh, 17 March 2023: Fenaa Alawwal (FAA) and the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts (TRITA) launched the Sadu workshops at FAA’s center in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter to recognize the Kingdom’s heritage through celebrating traditional Sadu weaving techniques. The workshops will continue until March 23rd.

Several workshops will take place looking at Sadu weaving techniques, and highlighting the skills involved behind the vibrant designs.

To celebrate a key cultural component, firmly rooted in Saudi’s cultural identity, FAA partnered with TRITA to bring a series of workshops on Sadu weaving – an ancient Bedouin craft of woven wool typically maintained by Bedouin women across different Gulf countries. Today, with its intriguing designs, patterns, and colors, Sadu is a masterpiece of Saudi cultural heritage. In a move led by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Al Sadu was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage in both the Kingdom and Kuwait in 2020.

The Ministry of Culture first inaugurated Fenaa Alawwal in December 2022. Located in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter, FAA is a multidisciplinary cultural center that brings together a diverse community of thinkers, artists, and innovators. The center offers a wide variety of cultural programming ranging from art exhibitions to discussion panels and workshops, providing a space for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts’ (TRITA), which works on developing an appreciation of living treasures and distinguished capabilities in traditional arts, is focused on celebrating Saudi’s national identity through preserving and recognizing traditional arts and crafts at a local and international level. TRITA encourages and supports artistic talent and offers educational programs for those seeking to enhance their skills in traditional arts.

The aim of the Sadu workshops is to raise awareness about the techniques behind this traditional craft with its different art forms and designs, highlight its position in society as an essential element of Saudi cultural identity, and instill a sense of belonging by highlighting the cultural and artistic depth of the Kingdom.

The activity comprises of seven workshops that have been prepared and designed by TRITA for FAA, targeting adults and children across various skill levels. These include traditional weaving, natural dye techniques, spinning natural wool, textile making, weaving traditional carpets, coloring, and designing Sadu patterns with beads. The workshops are available for the public free of charge.

The Sadu workshops offer an enjoyable cultural and social experience for everyone. They also provide a platform to showcase the cultural value of Sadu through various educational activities.

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