ffreedom and FWWB sign MoU to provide livelihood education to women aspiring to become nano entrepreneurs

Bengaluru, June 23, 2022: In its initiative to provide access to knowledge and opportunities to the people on becoming financially independent, ffreedom app (formerly IndianMoney) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Friends of Women’s World Banking (FWWB), an organisation whose focus is to provide direct access to financial services and recognising women’s role in building a nation’s economy. The MoU was signed in the presence of C S Sudheer, Founder & CEO, ffreedom app and Mr S S Bhat, CEO of FWWB.

The objective of Friends of Women’s World Banking (FWWB) is support women from the low-income household in their journey towards self-reliance and thereby helping them become part of the mainstream of the economy. Some of the thematic areas of FWWB’s work are Renewable – Solar Energy, Water and Sanitation, Women’s Livelihood and Entrepreneurship and Agriculture.

Speaking after signing the MoU, C S Sudheer, Founder & CEO, ffreedom app, said “More important than how we achieve financial freedom, it is the why. ffreedom app enjoys a fair share of the massive livelihood education market by way of its highly engaging content and a world-class social networking platform for the marginalized segment of people. It is also offering a peer-to-peer social commerce platform to facilitate commerce between the members of the app. Hence, our partnership with Friends of Women’s World Banking would further aim at greater financial inclusion of women, increasing their financial access and economic independence by supporting them in their livelihood activities”.

Mr S S Bhat, Chief Executive Officer, FWWB said, “We are glad to be associated with ffreedom app. The objective of ffreedom app and us is to focus on financial services aimed at equipping a greater number of low-income households, more so with women community with knowledge critical to gaining financial independence. Various courses on personal finance and business courses from ffreedom app would provide value-added livelihood and entrepreneurship education to low-income women like the tailoring course, pickle business course, home-made beauty products, salon and spa business course, home bakery business and Mudra Yojana courses etc in their own preferred language to make them financially independent and become the part of mainstream economy. We have always believed that empowering women empowers family, empowered family contributes for the community development and community will help ecosystem development leading to progress of the nation”.

Pratap Behera, Chief Marketing Officer, ffreedom app, said, “We are very glad to sign MoU with FWWB. ffreedom is currently helping over 7.6 million people with high quality livelihood education through its mobile application ffreedom App.  This is in line with the country’s larger mission to help Indians gain livelihood independence by helping the common man earn sufficiently.”

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