Fresh Exotic Freshwater and Seawater catch from Bhubaneswar by JustMyRoots

Fresh Exotic Freshwater and Seawater catch from Bhubaneswar by JustMyRoots

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Freshwater and Seawater fishes and other fresh products are an essential part of many people’s diets around the country, and eating them has been associated with a variety of health benefits. They are a concentrated source of many nutrients, such as various vitamins including B12 and B6, selenium, iron, zinc, etc. There is no better place to get these nutrients fresh from Odhisha’s famous Chilika Lake, which is a highly productive ecosystem, with rich fishery resources. Chilika is Asia’s largest and the world’s second-largest lagoon.

As an Estuarine lagoon, it supports a unique assemblage of marine, brackish and freshwater species. The rich fish fauna in Chilika lake comprises about 317 species that includes large and succulent mud crabs. JustMyRoots offers a wide spread of freshwater catches straight from the Chilika lake to your doorstep. Prawns from the lake become soft and pulpy when marinated and cooked and not tough and leathery. Based on the principle that meat on the bone is tastier, the Chilika lake fish with its many bones is definitely the tastier alternative to sea fish.

Mr. Samiran Sengupta, CEO & Founder, JustMyRoots says, “JustMyRoots has always believed in delivering fresh food to your doorstep and freshwater catches from the Chilika lake is no different. JustMyRoots’ state-of-the-art packaging systems keep the food fresh and flavours intact till it reaches you. If freshly caught seafood can be delivered to your door, JustMyRoots can deliver it all. This time it is a little different. We are not only getting the Raw products; our team of expert Chefs are cooking them as well for you.”

JustMyRoots makes it possible for one to relish cooked seafood which is in a marinate and masala gravy. The recipe doesn’t take very long because the food only marinates for the amount of time necessary to make the gravy. The masala is simple yet delicious and is packed with flavor. One can order both fresh and cooked seafood according to their preferred taste on

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