Gargi By P N Gadgil &Sons – Inspiring Millennial Women to Express and Impress

Gargi By P N Gadgil &Sons – Inspiring Millennial Women to Express and Impress

The 100+ year legacy of PN Gadgil & Sons (PNG& Sons) Group has now added a new, peppy and stylish dimension to its offerings in the form of Gargi by PNG& sons. Launched in December 2021, the new brand envisions making women feel beautiful by providing them with a wide range of choices for their ensemble for any occasion.

Gargi By P N Gadgil &Sons –Inspiring Millennial Women to Express and Impress

Named after the ancient Indian scholar from the Ramayana era, Gargi is also a name for Goddess Durga. The brand has inspired both to create masterpieces that give women the persona of being honest, beautiful, stylish, fearless, and scholarly.

With modern women making rapid progress in every field of art, culture, commerce, and even the defense/police forces, Gargi is an apt name to describe the essentials of a contemporary woman. The jewelry pieces crafted by Gargi are not just run-of-the-mill decorative items but uniquely created products, each of which is designed with a compelling original story in mind.

Aditya Modak - Co-founder Gargi2

Sharing the brand’s legacy, Aditya Modak, Co-Founder and Director of Gargi by PNG, said, “Since ancient times, the name Gargi has represented the highest forms of female intellect, courage, and sensibilities alongside the quintessential beauty of Indian women. Coming from the PN Gadgil Group, the brand among the oldest jewelry brands in India, Gargi by PNG represents everything we are and aspire to be. Our mission is to create high-quality fashion accessories that become a go-to option for every woman in the years to come. The new brand is an endeavor to craft a contemporary and trendy line of products for the fashionistas of the day.” PNG Group is already a market force in Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka.

Adding further, Mr.Modak said, “We are going to be among the world’s most prominent trendsetters in the fashion jewelry segment. There is a huge need for high-quality and rightly priced fashion jewelry for modern women, and it is a strategic decision for the Group to launch the new brand with the look and feel of a world-class fashion label. It took exhaustive deliberations, product prototype testing, and discussions with manufacturers to finalize the right product combinations.”

Gargi is rapidly growing, and by the end of 2022, the brand aims to be present in about 25-30 Shop in shop format stores and stand-alone kiosks in shopping malls. Gargi is targeting a turnover of 25 crores plus in the ongoing financial year.

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