Go Grocer launches ‘pure’ products to take care of your daily kitchen needs

Go Grocer launches ‘pure’ products to take care of your daily  kitchen needs

With people becoming more conscious about their health, natural food demand has increased. Not much attention was paid to the ingredients and composition earlier. However, now many people first read a product’s nutritional value before buying it.

In a world with so many pertaining health problems, finding pure food is the biggest challenge. Food is the most essential and fundamental thing when it comes to health. If you are not eating healthy/pure food, you are inviting health issues on your own.

Go Grocer, a venture of Aadianant Food and Beverages Pvt. Ltd., has recently launched a pure range for kitchen essentials like pulses, wheat, oils, spices, etc.

Mr. Vikas Kumar Agarwal, Founder of Go Grocers, says, “Purity is our priority. We feel that if we are producing pure food, we are taking care of our consumers’ health.”

Go Grocer has expanded itself from being just an Indian company to being a global player in the world of Pulses, Dry Fruits, and Rice. “More than expansion, we believe in offering safe, effective, and valuable products to the customers,” Mr. Vikas shares.

In spices, the FMCG brand is set to offer everyday-kitchen needs like Turmeric, Coriander, Red Chili, Garam Masala, Cumin Seeds, Cardamom, Black Cardamom, etc.

To take care of the protein intake in your family, Go Grocers has pulses like Sabut Moong, Sabut Urad, Urad Chilka, Kala Chana, Chana Dal, Masoor Malka, Kabuli Chana, Arhar, Safed Matar, White Lobia, Urad Dhuli, etc., are also available.

In rice, they have four varieties, Super Basmati Rice, Premium Basmati Rice, Dabur Basmati Rice, and Rozana Basmati Rice.

The brand also launches its Dry fruits and oils like Canola Oil, Fresh Peanuts, Whole Almonds, Crude Palm Oil, Groundnut Seed, Palm Oil, Salted Peanuts, White Cashews Nuts, Soya Crude Oil, Yellow Raisins, Sunflower Oil, and Dried Figs.

These daily products are currently available on the website and other platforms like More, Spencers, E-store India, and Lulu. Apart from that, Go Grocer will be listing its products on platforms like Amazon, Supplyco, and Jiomart.

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