Hansgrohe presents The D List’ – The ultimate hotlist recognising India’s finest design and architecture practices at its inaugural edition

Hansgrohe presents The D List’ – The ultimate hotlist recognising India’s finest design and architecture practices at its inaugural edition

India, June 2022: From a blueprint to the end product, design undergoes a magical journey of creativity, and 2022 has seen the industry achieve new benchmarks in design excellence across the country. Raising a toast to these doyens of design, ‘Hansgrohe presents The D List’ saw its inaugural edition celebrate India’s leading design practices.

This initiative by the Times Group highlighted an array of 132 design practices from urban planning, and residential design to commercial executions and hospitality. Selected brands, that have made significant contributions to India’s design scape and achieved laurels, made it to the list of special mentions at the night. Through such an impactful display of talent, the show presented an innovative approach to fostering dialogues and strengthening relationships within the heterogeneous design community of India.

Some of the D-listers who attended the ceremony included Venkataraman Associates, an architecture and urban design firm from Bangalore and Pune; ADND, an architecture and interior firm operating in residential, hospitality and corporate space; 42MM, a multi-disciplinary firm specializing in architecture, interior design, urban design and master planning; AANDH, an award-winning company working on residential, corporate, retail and hospitality categories; Untitled Design, a firm that specialises in the environmental aesthetics of multiple categories; boutique firm Rooshad Shroff that works in architecture, interior and bespoke furniture; Iram Sultan Design Studio, a design brand with over two decades of operation; architectural firm Abha Narain Lambah Associates; architecture and interior design firm Khosla Associates; multidisciplinary design firm _Opolis Architects, and more….

Speaking about the ceremony, Gaurav Malhotra, MD, Hansgrohe, said, “Hansgrohe presents The D List unveils a new chapter in Indian design by fostering, enabling and initiating creative dialogues with illustrious members of the design fraternity. The association has honored and recognized veteran and contemporary design virtuosos in India. Having initiated the conversation successfully, we look forward to commemorating these leaders of design in the most alluring manner in times to come.”

Ronitaa Italia, Editor in Chief, GoodHomes and Home & Design Trends, said, “Good design changes everything, especially the way we live. How can we not acknowledge and appreciate the work that our architects and designers do! The D List, for me, stands for that recognition…of lives that change lives every day. I feel so proud of these incredible people doing incredible things. Recognition is due…it’s high time!”

Deepak Lamba, CEO, Worldwide Media commented, “The unique initiative has shed light on the evolution and rapid transformation of the Indian design ecosystem. Through this platform, we aim to bring together like-minded people driven by creativity, spark conversations that lead to better design, better collaborations and engaging formats. It brings me great pleasure to see that the initiative is already signaling a new era of Indian design.”

Having brought the stalwarts of Indian design and architecture to spark new dialogues of collaboration and excellence, Hansgrohe presents The D List looks to facilitate more collaborative and creative editions in the near future.

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