HDFC Bank Celebrates International Fraud Awareness Week 2022

HDFC Bank Celebrates International Fraud Awareness Week 2022

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Mumbai, November 16, 2022: HDFC Bank today marked International Fraud Awareness Week 2022 by introducing a number of initiatives to create awareness about cyber fraud attacks and to promote safe banking habits amongst people.

The Bank is encouraging citizens to take a pledge to adopt safe banking habits while transacting digitally and avoid sharing their confidential banking information (like passwords, PINs, OTP, etc.) with anyone. Citizens are also requested to refrain from clicking unverified links sent via text or WhatsApp messages, visit only official websites for getting helpline/customer care numbers, and report unauthorized transactions to the Bank and the National Cyber Crime Helpline by calling 1930.

HDFC Bank has also decided to observe the first Wednesday of every month as the ‘Cyber Jagrookta Diwas’ and is organising workshops for its branch banking staff covering different aspects of safe digital banking practices. The initiative follows an advisory by the Reserve Bank of India and complements the Bank’s recently launched Vigil Aunty campaign.

Through these workshops the Bank would cover a wide range of topics including the modus operandi of cyber fraudsters, the process of detecting and reporting unauthorized transactions, and more.

“We are commemorating International Fraud Awareness Week 2022 with a number of initiatives aimed at educating and increasing consumer awareness on safe banking practices. Safe banking practices should become a way of life for every citizen. Just like we need to breathe to survive, we must ensure that we strictly adhere to the safe banking Dos and Don’ts while transacting digitally. HDFC Bank has taken a number of steps to combat cyber fraud attacks but it is an ongoing process as fraudsters continue to innovate and find out new ways to steal money. Hence, we will continue to drive awareness programmes to inculcate safe banking habits among the masses,” said Mr. Jimmy Tata, Chief Credit Officer, HDFC Bank.

Apart from the workshops, the Bank has also introduced a mandatory e-learning cyber security course, the ‘Fraud Knowledge Series’, for all its employees. The Bank has recently launched the Vigil Aunty campaign which has added to awareness of safe banking habits among millions of Indians, through print, digital, and social media.

“Banks have a responsibility to educate customers so that they can protect themselves from cyber fraud attacks. Cybercriminals use ingenious ways like social engineering tactics to steal money from bank accounts. Hence, being informed and staying vigilant while doing online transactions has become a necessity. I am happy to see that HDFC Bank has taken the lead in creating consumer awareness and informing people about these easy-to-adopt habits which will help them prevent cyber fraud attacks,” said Mr. Chandraker Bharti, IAS, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

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