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Hellmann’s, SOCIAL Introduce ‘Mood Burgers’ Menu for Ultimate Cricket Season Viewing

8th June 2024, Mumbai, India: With cricket fever gripping the nation, Hellmann’s in collaboration with SOCIAL and BOSS Burger announces the first-of-its-kind ‘Mood Burgers’ limited-edition menu. The menu has been created especially for the cricketing season, with the burgers crafted to help cricket fans get match-ready based on their pre-match moods.

mood burger

Hellmann’s Mood Burgers

Hellmann’s and SOCIAL have together designed the menu, which is dedicated to fans throughout the month of June and each of the three new burgers (with veg and non-veg variants) corresponds to the emotions that will be experienced throughout the highs and lows of the tournament.

Curated with insights from Certified Mind-Body Eating Coach, Counselling Psychologist & Integrative Health Coach, Ridhi Golechha, the “Eyes on the Prize Burger” will fuel you up; the “Get Charged Up Burger” is for those truly exciting matches; and for the big nerve-racking games, the “Drop the Jitter Burger” will help you get into a delightful match-viewing mood.

She adds, “With this exclusive collaboration, we have reflected on how to design certain food items to enhance the match-watching experience of our consumers by offering them a burger that is akin to their moods. Packed with certain ingredients that are nutrient-dense, these burgers are the perfect companions for the cricket fever season.”

“At Hellmann’s we’re committed to delicious creamy taste, and believe great tasting food adds richness to people’s lives,” comments Priyanka Ganguly, Head, Foods & Unilever Foods Solution India from Hindustan Unilever, “Food has the power to elevate your mood and we’re proud to be partnering with SOCIAL to bring great tasting burgers that support India’s cricket fans when they need it most.”

With India’s matches falling so close to dinner time, what better way to get match ready and dinner ready than with a mouth-wateringly rich and delicious Mood Burger.

Divya Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., explains, “SOCIAL is the #DoosraStadium for all cricket lovers, offering an electrifying atmosphere where fans can enjoy their favourite game with good food and drinks. As we innovate and strengthen the F&B experience this cricket season with our new burger menu, we’re committed to making every match moment even more memorable. With this partnership with Hindustan Unilever’s Hellmann’s, we are redefining the ultimate cricket-watching experience at SOCIAL.”

To support the limited-edition menu and get India’s cricket fans talking, Hellmann’s has launched a social campaign with support from passionate cricket enthusiasts, such as Akash Gupta, Satish Ray, Nisman Parpia, Taran Singh, and Mayuresh Gujar. Join them and get match-ready with the support of Hellmann’s Mood Burgers.

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