How will Furniture Logistics Get Affected by Delhivery IPO?

How will Furniture Logistics Get Affected by Delhivery IPO?

The online shopping market has seen substantial growth in the last decade. The two significant factors reasoning the development are enhanced digital knowledge among the common mass and the improving logistics industry of India.

Companies are growing at a significant pace, majorly because of the logistics. The furniture industry is one such sector that has bloomed its wing online and offline because of the improving logistic efficiency of India. And one dynamic contributor to such profitable stats is Delhivery. It has recently garnered more attention since the announcement of its IPO.

Many logistic companies in India are still in a phase where they are safely expanding. Now, this is where Delhivery scores extra points. They offer vast logistic services all under one roof. It shows how much expertise they have in their services.

We can say that Delhivery has set an example for other dynamic logistic companies to raise the bar of logistic services in India.

How Would Logistics Companies Affect Furniture Industry?

Competition in an industry is what leads to revolution. The same has been the case in the furniture and logistics sector, which the Delhivery IPO has further upped. Finding profitable and quality services under one roof will be the most valuable party, & the company has followed the same.

The market’s perspective has changed since the internet is freely available. E-commerce has evolved to a level where you can buy/sell anything and everything online.

Service quality would have been a mere factor in the past, but refined logistic service revises the entire cost of the product for a sector like a furniture industry. Therefore, improving logistics will also persuade sectors to pay attention to the quality of service.

Here is a list of factors that the furniture industry will face from powerhouse logistic companies like Delhivery:

-> Drastic Hike in Logistic Prices

Companies have drastically hiked service prices, bringing importance and more value to logistics. But that should be no reason to worry as the quality of service would also increase. This way, the furniture industry would improve its supply management and serve a more vast audience with ease.

-> More Demand in Quality of Service

Dynamic logistic companies like Delhivery have raised service standards for the better. With increasing service rates of logistics, people would expect more quality and efficiency. And for the furniture industry, settling for poor logistic service would only risk production. Therefore, service refinement would be one rigid pointer that logistic companies will strive to achieve.

-> Bringing in Healthy Competition

The value of logistic brands has a new face because of the unicorn brand Delhivery. The buzz and publicity Delhivery has created by bringing in IPO has made the competitors elevate their work and aim for better. Hence, the growth of Delhivery indeed has bought healthy competition in the market and would hopefully bring more top-class logistic companies into the game.

To build a brand, never settle for less. What makes your brand unique in the market is your quality and prices. Delhivery is one successful example of hard work that has upgraded logistics standards in India. Indeed, Delhivery IPO would affect the furniture industry, but those companies who cope up and elevate their quality of services would build an evolved market that demands perfection.

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