ICC organises 5th ICC Social Impact Summit & Awards

ICC organises 5th ICC Social Impact Summit & AwardsKolkata, 17 March 2023: The 5th ICC Social Impact Summit & Awards was held on January 16, 2023, at Taj Bengal to award companies who have made noteworthy achievements in creating social impacts through CSR. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of Dr. Shashi Panja, Hon’ble Minister, Department of Industries, Commerce & Enterprises and Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal, Mr. Sanjay Budhia, Past President, ICC & MD – Patton Group, Ms. Rowan Ainsworth, Consul-General, Australian Consulate- General, Kolkata and Dr. Rajeev Singh, Director General, ICC. The event aimed to recognize and celebrate the social impact initiatives taken by various organizations and individuals. The summit included a technical session on the emergence of sustainability in CSR followed by an award ceremony.

Mr. Sanjay Budhia, Past President of ICC and Managing Director of Patton Group emphasized the importance of corporate social responsibility and its impact on society while giving the welcome, and said, “The focus of this summit is innovative partnership mechanisms that can be adopted by corporates, NGOs & implementing agencies. CSR is very valuable for the community and the companies as well. It creates a stronger bond between the employees of a company, boosts morale, and enhances the connection between them. Companies are also taking initiatives to save our mother nature through optimal operations that ensure proper usage of natural resources. They are in the process to reduce pollution, waste, natural resource consumption, and carbon emissions as well as taking part in the recycling process. CSR is a way of providing social power to companies. The ICC Social Impact Awards that are being given today will recognize corporates, NGOs, and implementing agencies whose activities are aligned with social transformation and upliftment of the society.”

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest Dr. Shashi Panja, Hon’ble Minister, Department of Industries, Commerce & Enterprises and Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal, said, “I want to congratulate all the winners and thank ICC for taking the initiative to organize such an event. The jury did an excellent job selecting the winners among all the nominations. Heritage companies implemented CSR much before the law was established in Bengal. This ICC Social Impact Summit & Awards is a very good way to convey the message of the platforms available for interaction and contribution. From birth to death, giving life an honor, prestige, and dignity, that we can offer each other. ICC doing a great job providing opportunities to the companies creating a social impact.”

Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) gave insightful information on CSR and stated, “My happiest congratulations to all the awardees. As corporates, you have taken much larger responsibility by enlisting the aid of NGOs and other partners. This platform is unique and the most credible platform for honouring the CSR efforts that Indian corporations and NGOs have done to improve and build India’s social environment. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals offer a roadmap for world peace and human flourishing both today and in the future. All the nations participating in the global collaboration are urged to take immediate action. The summit offers a venue for up-front recognition of efforts and innovation as well as education on a variety of aspects and the potential for development. From its beginning, CSR initiatives have flourished in India. Since its beginning, CSR activity has expanded positively in India, and as a result, we will need to assume more responsibilities.”

Commenting on the social benefits of CSR, Ms. Rowan Ainsworth, Consul-General, Australian Consulate-General, Kolkata, said, “My sincere congratulations go out to the ICC for having this award and recognizing excellence in CSR, as well as to all the companies and NGOs that have helped communities and the economy in India. A successful activity requires long-term dedication and planning. We have had the honour of working on important community development projects, such as empowering young women through sports. We must foster an atmosphere that understands the importance of social inclusion and the growth of community participation.”

While offering the vote of thanks, Dr. Rajeev Singh, Director General, ICC, gave insights on the ICC’s endeavours to support social impact initiatives internationally and said, “I want to thank all of the awardees on behalf of ICC for their contributions to society as a whole. Because the businesses are affecting change and having an impact locally, it is a pleasure for us to see the amazing job that they are doing.”

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