iCubesWire expands its Rich Media Studio ahead of IPL

iCubesWire expands its Rich Media Studio ahead of IPL

16th March 2023 – New Delhi: iCubesWire, a leading Global Ad-tech Digital Conglomerate, has announced the expansion of its Rich Media Studio with IPL-based rich media innovations. In addition, the company has launched a set of customized technology based rich media formats for brands across industries, including Fantasy Gaming, apparels, beverages, and more.

These one-of-a-kind rich media formats have been designed to offer a more engaging and interactive experience for consumers. By using customized and technology-driven rich media formats, brands can create engaging and interactive campaigns to capture the attention of consumers and leave a lasting impression. In addition, with iCubesWire’s IPL-based rich media innovations, brands can leverage the excitement of the event to maximize their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Sahil Chopra, Founder & CEO, iCubesWire, said, “We are very excited to launch customized ad formats with tech innovations for our valued brands. The IPL is a highly anticipated event that attracts a large audience, making it an ideal platform for brands to reach a vast and engaged audience. These innovative solutions will increase brand awareness and provide a unique and memorable experience for the audience, resulting in better engagement and recall.”

These unique and creative rich media solutions are set to give brands a competitive edge, with technology at the back, the brands can capture user data and also offer customised rich media innovations based on those logics and data points.

iCubesWire’s commitment to innovation and excellence in ad tech has been demonstrated through this expansion of its Rich Media Studio. In addition, their continued focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions to their clients sets them apart as a leader in the industry.

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