IIMB’s Jal Jeevan Mission and UNICEF, with support of SKDRDP to host World Water Day on March 22

21st MARCH, 2024:

The Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) Chair & Office at IIM Bangalore, in collaboration with UNICEF, is organising a National Seminar on ‘Water Conservation’, on March 22, 2024, at IIM Bangalore.

Speaking about the upcoming event, JJM Chair Professor at IIMB, Dr Gopal Naik, explains that water conservation, preservation and management of water resources to ensure their sustainable use for current and future generations involves various strategies and practices aimed at promoting efficient and sustainable water use, adopting technologies in water management, protecting water quality and reducing water wastage. These efforts can take place at individual, community, and institutional levels and have an interconnectedness sectoral strategy to promote holistic water conservation and development. Conservation measures such as fixing leaks, using water-efficient appliances, implementing water-saving technologies, adopting drought-resistant landscaping and promoting public awareness about the importance of water conservation can help mitigate water scarcity, protect ecosystems, and ensure access to clean water for all.

“Effective water conservation efforts should include both supply-side and demand-side factors. Supply-side interventions focus on enhancing the efficiency of water supply systems, reducing losses and fixing leaks, improving infrastructure by adopting advanced technologies, and maximizing the utilization of available water resources in a sustainable way,” Prof. Naik adds, suggesting several initiatives that can be adopted.

Keynote Speakers

JJM Chair Professor at IIMB Dr Gopal Naik will welcome the delegates Paulos Workneh, Chief of WASH and Environment. UNICEF India, will deliver the opening remarks. Priyanka Francis, IAS, will talk on ‘Handing over JJM Assets to PRI: Success and Challenges’. Dr Lingaraju Yale, from Art of Living, will speak on ‘River Rejuvenation with special reference to Bangalore Riverine Ecosystem’. Prof. Haritha Saranga, Chairperson, Sustainability Task Force at IIM Bangalore, will present an overview of the water conservation measures adopted at IIMB. Joseph Fernandes of IIT-IIT.org will talk on ‘Desilting of Tanks’ followed by a talk on ‘Rejuvenation of Lakes’ by Dr L H Manjunath of SKDRDP. Post-lunch, there will be three presentations. The first is on ‘Consumer Behaviour in Water Conservation’ by Dr Vivek, an independent researcher. Then, Prof. M N Thimmegowda of UAS Bangalore will speak on ‘Water Conservation in Agriculture’, and the event will conclude with a talk on ‘Water Conservation for Human Wellbeing’ by TV Ramachandra of IISc, Bangalore.

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