Importance of healthy cooking techniques

By Nidhi Mohan Kamal, Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist, and Anand Baldawa, CEO, thinKitchen™

What if I told you, the cooking utensils you use in your kitchen play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? The material and quality of your cooking pans and pots have a direct effect on the nutritional value of your food and overall health. In this article, we will delve into the relationship between cooking utensils and health, explore the best cooking techniques for maximizing the nutritional value of your food, and highlight the importance of using high-quality utensils in the kitchen. As it’s essential to select the right type of cooking utensils, it’s also crucial to choose the best cooking techniques to maximize the nutritional value of your food. Different cooking methods have varying impacts on the nutritional content of food, and some are better for preserving its nutritional value than others.

When we talk about healthy cooking techniques, baking is a popular option, as it not only yields delicious results but also helps retain the nutrients in food. Various studies have found that baking is a great way to retain the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables, making it a healthier alternative to frying. For these amazing benefits, one could definitely try MasterClass Non-Stick Double Layered Baking Sheet which ensures to prevent of hot spots whilst cooking and helps to distribute the heat from your oven evenly across the sheet, even if you’re using a standard convection oven; available at this

Poaching is another technique that can add both flavor and health benefits to our meals. We can preserve the texture, flavor, and nutrients by gently simmering food in a flavourful liquid. When poaching, a non-stick pan with a deep base is a great utensil option, as it allows for even heating and prevents food from sticking, ensure you pick a pan that is made from safe materials. The right pan can make the dish healthier and for that, I recommend trying the multi-layered Zyliss Ultimate Pro Frying Pan available at this kitchen. in that delivers non-stick performance and eliminates the need for oil or butter. It is also oven safe up to 230°C/450°F – resulting in healthier food for you and your family.

Sautéing is a quick and easy cooking method that can add a burst of flavor to our meals. By browning food quickly in a hot pan with a small amount of oil, we can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. Research proves that sautéing requires minimal oil and helps retain the natural flavors and nutrients of the food. A heavy-bottomed pan that distributes heat evenly is recommended for the best results, preventing food from burning.

Steaming is another simple and healthy cooking technique that can be used to prepare a variety of meals. By exposing food to steam, we can retain its natural flavors, textures, and nutrients. Studies have found that steaming is considered to be a healthier option than boiling, as it does not immerse the food in water, reducing the loss of valuable vitamins and minerals. When steaming, most small in-pan steamers only provide a single compartment for cooking food my favorite is the Joseph Joseph Nest Steam 3-piece Steaming Pod Set as it has three individual pods that are ideal for small portions of vegetables and other foods. It comes with an integrated hook that suspends it safely from the edge of your pan.

In conclusion, the cooking techniques you use play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By choosing high-quality cooking utensils and utilizing the best cooking techniques for preserving the nutritional value of your food, you can ensure that the meals you prepare are both delicious and nutritious. For a wide range of high-quality cooking utensils, check out the selection available in this kitchen. Whether you’re baking, poaching, sautéing, or steaming, you’re sure to find the perfect tools for preparing delicious and nutritious plant-based meals.

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