India’s sustainable clothing brand UNIREC partnered MEX Exhibition Pvt. Lmt

MEX Exhibition and UNIREC join hands in Gift World expo for the a major cause of sustainability

New Delhi – India’s first sustainable clothing brand – UNIREC participated in MEX Exhibition pvt. Lmt., which is a leading trade show organizer in the country, organized its next edition of Gift World Expo – the largest B2B gifting solution exhibition at Pragati Maidan which was held from 27th July to 30th July 2022.

UNIREC is a sustainable clothing brand, where every garment is made out of 10-12 recycled PET bottles. The theme for this expo was eco -friendly and sustainable gifting, in essence to this UNIREC partnered with the organizer – MEX Exhibition to spread awareness about major issues like sustainable living and climate change. In order to show their strong commitment toward sustainability, the whole team MEX was wearing UNIREC t-shirts made out of recycled PET Bottles.

UNIREC partnered MEX Exhibition Pvt. Lmt

This was the 20th edition of this Gift World Expo, where 350 exhibitors were showcasing their products and a huge variety of gift items. It was also a b2b event where corporates and resellers from all over India are present, looking for promotional products or workwear. UNIREC with its wide range of professional wear collections is attracting a large number of crowds.

UNIREC’s motive is to protect the environment from degradation and they never left it in second place. In this expo UNIREC also collected plastic bottles to recycle them and made this expo plastic free. There are some helpers collecting all the plastic bottles from each of the stalls and putting them in a large T-shirt-like looking box at the entrance to signify that a huge amount of plastic at the event is going to get recycled by the UNIREC and converted into a wearable.

Mr. Kapil Bhatia, CEO & Founder, UNIREC said that “ The gift world expo has provided a large platform to all the small and medium businesses. Helping a brand to build its corporate network. This exhibition has given business exposure to connect to the large network of resellers and make their identity in the growing market. MEX exhibition has given unique networking opportunity to aid in scaling gifting business to various brands and carve their niche in the gifting industry .”

The average consumption of plastic per person is around 28kg globally. While this consumption per person is at 11kg in India, it is still amongst the top 20 consumers of plastic globally. The industrial use of plastic for the manufacturing of goods and products can only be justified if there is no plastic waste. Plastic waste alone causes exponential damage to the environment and hence calls for its proper disposal. Hence, UNIREC came up with an idea to mingle fashion and plastic recycling and transformed process that not only decreases the damage on planet earth but also helps people adapt to a sustainable sense of clothing

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