Indo Count captures the essence of motherhood in a campaign that celebrates the eternal champion of children, the Mother!

Indo Count captures the essence of motherhood in a campaign that celebrates the eternal champion of children, the Mother!

Mumbai,  May 2022: At no point in a mother’s life is a time when she stops being one. Even if your child is 50-years-old, she will continue being a mother to them. The limitless affection, care and worry that never stops are celebrated in the Mother’s Day campaign by Indo Count.

Indo Count is one of India’s largest textile manufacturers with a massive presence in the bed linen category. Boutique Living is its premium bed linen brand, and Layers is focused on the classic sector. Both brands deliver a high-quality product that is built around softness, comfort, great design and aesthetics.

The films for both Boutique Living and Layers are centred on how mothers are intrinsic to our lives, whether we notice them or not. They remain in the background and come to our rescue before we even realize it. This is a ubiquitous fact that is true for any culture or community in the world.

“When it comes to bedding, subconsciously the choice comes from our mothers. While we believe it to be a direct choice we can’t deny that we are influenced by her taste. In this matter, our growth, upbringing and preferences are guided by the connection in our minds between comfort and our mother’s love. This is a subtle connection, but one that we cannot deny. I think the films capture that elegantly”, says Rajiv Merchant, President, (Domestic Retail), Indo Count.

“We didn’t want to create just another Mother’s Day film, it had to be a universal truth and it had be intrinsic to our brand”, said Renu Somani, Executive Creative Director, thought blurb communications. “Which is why we speak for the mother who loses sleep over the wellbeing of her child, whether the child knows it or not and she is always there ready to comfort us when we need her the most. In fact, a mother’s lap is perhaps the safest place to seek refuge from the world.”

“The insight that really got us going was that mothers are always worrying about their children. And no matter what we do, the worry never stops. That and the fact that the most secure, the most reassuring times are when we are around our mother; in fact our mother’s lap is the most comforting place in the world. That was something we wanted to capture.” says Israa Khan, Associate Vice President , thought blurb communications.

The two films in this series were released on digital media and social media platforms on Mother’s Day. The films may be topical, but the messaging is all-encompassing and relevant long after Mother’s Day has passed.

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