Indulge in Soulful Punjabi Flavour this winter at Sayaji Pune

Indulge in Soulful Punjabi Flavour this winter at Sayaji Pune

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Pune, November 19, 2022: As the temperatures drop all you crave for is some warm, soulful food. Punjabi cuisine is the one that makes for that perfect comfort meal. This November, get ready to indulge in some lip-smacking, wholesome Punjabi flavors as Sayaji Pune welcomes you to their Punjabi Food Festival!

Punjabi preparations have an array of options in veg as well as non-veg dishes and they are known to be packed with some rich desi ghee and buttery flavors; after all that is what makes the cuisine so indulgent and irresistible. Not just that, but the cuisine is also known to be heavily influenced by local agriculture and farming since ancient times. During winter especially the people from this State consume food that is rich in nutrients and nourishes the body. Dishes such as Sarson ka Saag, Makki di Roti, Dal Makhni, and Kulchas, are a few preparations that are consumed during the winters in the North. Of course, none of it is complete without some ghee or butter!

To elevate your dining experience the chef and his team of culinary experts are stoked to present the desi flavors from the land of Punjab in all their glory this month. The Punjabi Food Festival will feature dishes such as the all-time favorite Rajma, Chole, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni, Chicken Karahi, Chicken Tandoori, Sarson ka Saag, Makki di Roti, Shahi Panner, Naan, and much more. In desserts, guests can indulge in preparations such as Rabri, and Kheer. “As much as Punjabi cuisine is one of the most common cuisines, it is also an all-time favorite among many. Not to forget- it’s a go-to, comfort cuisine. The festival celebrates the rich flavors, exuberant aroma, and magical taste of the colorful land of Punjab. The delectable array of options in beverages, appetizers, mains, and desserts will let guests have a larger-than-life experience just like the Punjabis”, says Chef Sonu Singhal

The festival presents dishes that draw authentic recipes from the kitchens of Punjab- all laced with age-old flavors, techniques, and tradition which make your dining experience all the more special and memorable. Make your way to Sayaji Pune and indulge in some rich, soulful Punjabi flavors!

DATES: November 11 – November 20, 2022

TIME: 7:00 PM Onwards

VENUE: Portico, Sayaji Pune

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