Instazap: Ireland’s 1st Super App ‘Instazap’ acquires ‘Otals – On-Demand Services Platform’

Instazap: Ireland’s 1st Super App ‘Instazap’ acquires ‘Otals – On-Demand Services Platform’

Ireland, June 2022: The journey of mobiles commenced two decades ago, transforming from chunky phones to sleeker gadgets, pouring AI apps into a single screen, and transforming lives with simple downloads and clicks. According to Statista, by 2024, the number of smartphone users in Ireland is estimated to reach 3.8 million. This would be an increase of around 78.59% since 2018. In Ireland, the average person spends close to 4 hours every day on their phone. However, these mobile users have to toggle between multiple apps to fulfill their instant needs.

Comprehending the imperative value of smart apps, Amin Shaikh founded Instazap in 2020, and Kamil Mahajan founded Otals in 2021, respectively. Recently, the immigrant founders announced the collaboration of the two organizations to revolutionize the future of the Quick Commerce and On-Demand Services market.

Amin, who is originally from Pakistan, and Kamil, from India, decided to utilize their wealth of experience in the tech field and bridge the gap in the Irish market for Q-Commerce, and On-Demand Services. Together, they are all set to create a community that promotes empowerment and closes the gap between supply & demand in the market, considering the latest trends and behavioral shifts amongst the human population globally. This includes households, businesses/service providers & last-mile couriers while building eco-friendly & sustainable systems to better care for planet earth. 

Otals will now be a part of the Instazap family, which is a one-for-all Super App for all your daily needs. This hyperlocal, Super app will empower users to not only order food, grocery & other essentials but also connect them with trusted and reliable professional service providers locally on-demand. The umpteenth services are readily accessible on a single app. The focus of Instazap is to fulfill the instant needs of their loyal customers in minutes, like a reliable friend in a pocket. 

Kamil migrated to Ireland in 2001 to pursue further education and worked in tech companies like Facebook and Quantcast, where he held leadership roles in Information Technology (IT) and Information Security. He is a Certified Information Security Manager and an ISO 27001 expert. Kamil thrives when it comes to working with people, and he is excited to utilize his experience in the tech industry to bring Instazap to the next level.

Amin, on the other hand, is a seasoned entrepreneur and has a proven track record of successful startups. He has founded & co-founded a number of companies to date, a BPO, Renewable Energy, home teeth whitening & a Software Company. After relocating to Ireland in 2005, he pursued his passion for IT and later went on to work with Intel. His experience in the corporate sector has allowed him to develop a keen understanding of all the moving parts of a well-oiled organization, and he is now using that knowledge to build a Super App that will revolutionize how people go about fulfilling their daily needs & spend time doing what matters the most to them.

In this age of app-driven convenience, each individual is striving to save time. This demand for apps nudged both Kamil and Amin to create, implement and bring the ideas of augmenting the synergy and mindset of the people involved in the project. “The completion of our acquisition of Otals is an exciting milestone for us. This transaction is a huge step forward for growing our Super App and will ultimately enable us to achieve our vision to fulfill instant needs in minutes,” said Amin Shaikh, Founder & CEO of Instazap. 

This venture is solely commenced by the two brilliant minds to deliver ease to the user’s doorsteps in their day-to-day lives with simple clicks. “Our team is excited to be joining such an ambitious and promising brand and welcomes the additional capabilities the platform integration will offer our customers,” said Kamil Mahajan, Founder, Otals & COO, Instazap. 

This personalized app is fulfilling instant needs in minutes and is emerging to be your one for all super app for all your daily needs. It provides varied services, which range from getting your favorite meal from a local business, your weekly groceries, last-minute party needs, snack cravings, or getting help from service professionals such as plumbers, carpenters, electronic repairs, craftsmen, etc., with the focus on supporting local businesses & service providers. Since a large population uses smart gadgets, Instazap is set to educate people that one app will take care of their needs. Also, it allows the baby boomers to “get things done” independently. 

It can be proudly stated that the magiqué of Amin and Kamil, both immigrants, are working together towards the betterment of the people. Along with transforming the daily hardships of life into an easy one, their quest is to support users and partners. Instazap app, a friend in your pocket, is built on a next-generation module with a people-centric approach and serves innumerable users currently. It is driven by the trust and faith instilled by the loyal customers and partners and has outgrown fulfilling instant needs.

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