Integrations That Are Changing the Face of the Indian Retail F&B Sector

Integrations That Are Changing the Face of the Indian Retail F&B Sector

In the retail F&B segment, although is competitive, it is a great time to start a restaurant given how easy it is now to connect your business to the internet & take it to the customers. Take the example of cloud kitchens & home cooks. They emerged during pandemic adversity, thrived through it all & are now quite successful for a comparatively new type of food business model. One of the elements facilitating this success is third-party integrations. These businesses have successfully taken over handling & managing restaurant marketing, operations, distribution, CRM & customer retention, & even B2B business operations.

These integrations have effectively & rapidly penetrated even the tier 3 & 4 cities & are solving problems that businesses themselves didn’t know existed. The ecosystem that these integrations are creating is helping businesses survive. Now you can get chai delivered to your doorstep. Even though the market for these businesses is equally competitive, some of these integrations have made themselves essential for every small or large F&B outlet.

Third-party Food Delivery Integrations

1. Swiggy:

For every retail F&B, Swiggy is an important revenue channel. With its efficient food delivery model, strong ground presence & impactful branding Swiggy has now become a household name. They have more than thousands of restaurants under their belt & have now ventured out into B2B & grocery delivery too.

2. Zomato: Going head-to-head with Swiggy for being the no.1 food delivery platform is Zomato. Started in 2009 as a restaurant directory, Zomato too is a key integration that every restaurant must-have for improving its visibility in the market & attracting more customers.

3. Amazon Food:

Standing true to its name this e-commerce giant delivers everything. Even food & groceries. The amazing part of this integration is that restaurants don’t have to pay high charges. You can easily access it using your Amazon Prime account.

Although only available in limited cities, it won’t be long before it becomes a tough competition for grocery stores & apps.

Online Payment Integrations

1. Razor Pay:

Now that online food delivery has become such a prominent market, online payment inevitably follows it. For every restaurant business, this modern mode of payment is a must. It is faster & convenient for your customers.

2. PayTM:

Paytm was the first application to provide a wallet facility in India. The app is also one of the easiest to use. By simply linking your business’ bank account to the app, you can manage all your online transactions.

3. Dineout

Dineout does two things that many retail F&B businesses would need: taking table reservations & payment. This integration simplifies customer management for your business.

Customer Loyalty Integrations

1. Reelo

The whole purpose of this integration is to help keep your customers happy! Using Reelo you can run your own loyalty reward programme. Given how competitive the entire restaurant industry is, such customer retention tactics have worked wonders for businesses.

2. E-Rewards

A new of rewarding your customers & winning their loyalty is e-Rewards. It is an invitation-only rewards community where the customers can give reviews, test upcoming products, participate in real-world missions and more to earn e-Rewards currency.

3. Bingage

Bingage too is one of the many essential customer loyalty programs that has been able to successfully meet the demands of their users & their customers!

CRM Integrations

1. Gupshup

It hasn’t been long since the restaurant industry has understood the power of CRM & customer retention. By using CRM tools like Gupshup you can stay connected with your customers using text messages & email.

2. Whatsapp business

Whatsapp business is an important platform to promote your business. Home cooks, cloud kitchens, & Dabba walas use this medium to regularly update their customers about the menu & new offers.

3. Paytm

Once you have your customer’s number given while making online payments, you can use the Paytm app as your CRM tool. Extract the number & market your business to them via text or WhatsApp.

B2B Integrations

1. Dunzo

While Zomato & Swiggy are acing the B2C delivery, Dunzo provides a B2B delivery service. It has simplified various types of delivery operations for businesses. Retail F&B which has many outlets within cities, use this for convenience.

2. Shadow Fax

Working on the same B2B delivery model, Shadow Fax helps provide their own rider & vehicle to take any object from point A to point B.

3. Pidge

Pidge too is one of the known B2B delivery brands in India. This too works on the same model as the previous two.

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