Inter Passenger Terminal Show 2025 Set to Make its Debut in India, Unveiling the Future of Passenger Travel

Media Fusion

Mumbai, India, 10th July 2024 – Multinational trade show organizer, Media Fusion, recently announced the debut of the 1st Inter Passenger Terminal Show, a 2-day exhibition and conference set to take place on June 11 and 12, 2025, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. The event promises to be the largest platform showcasing the latest advancements, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative solutions in passenger terminal design, management, and operations.

In the wake of India’s remarkable resurgence in air travel, with a notable 22.5% year-on-year growth in international travel during the period of 2023-2024, our Former Union Civil Aviation Minister, Jyotiraditya Scindia, projected doubling of domestic air passengers to 300 million by 2030. In support of this rapid growth, the Indian government has committed Rs 980 billion (USD 11.88 billion) by 2025 to improve regional connectivity by constructing new airports and upgrading existing ones, with an emphasis on modern and sustainable infrastructure. With India poised to become the world’s 3rd largest aviation market by the end of 2024, the timing of the Inter Passenger Terminal Show 2025 couldn’t be more opportune.

Tailored to meet the burgeoning demand in the aviation sector, the Inter Passenger Terminal Show 2025 will seamlessly integrate conference and trade show elements, providing a comprehensive platform for industry stakeholders. As India experiences rapid growth in passenger traffic and demand for premium services, industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders representing airport and airline operations, technology providers, consultancy firms, and retail spaces will convene at the event to explore cutting-edge technologies, discuss key challenges, and envision the future of passenger terminal operations.

Key highlights of the Inter Passenger Terminal Show include networking opportunities with industry pioneers, insightful panel discussions led by thought leaders, and access to a vast exhibition space showcasing state-of-the-art technologies. These technologies feature IoT and AI solutions, sustainable practices for environmentally conscious terminals, and personalised passenger experiences derived from meticulous data analysis.

Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to advancing the aviation industry in India and beyond. The show will also feature awards for brands in this sector, providing a platform to recognise and celebrate excellence, details of which are to follow.

Taher Patrawala, Managing Director of Media Fusion, noted that the Inter Passenger Terminal Show marks the first of its kind globally. He emphasized, “With India on track to become the world’s fastest-growing air passenger market and aiming for the third-largest aviation market globally, the demand for innovative solutions is high. The launch of the Inter Passenger Terminal Show in India couldn’t come at a better time. With the government’s proactive investments, our mission with this show is clear: to take the lead in providing a platform for innovative solutions that continuously elevate the overall passenger experience. Moreover, in our early-stage interactions with authorities including the Airports Authority of India( AAI) and operators of leading private airports, we have cemented our belief that IPTS is the need of the hour for a growing India’s airport industry. “

Mr. Patrawala further highlighted the significance of hosting such an event in Mumbai, a hub of economic activity and a strategic gateway to India. He added, “By choosing Mumbai as the host city, we are showcasing India’s prominence in the global aviation landscape and providing a platform for industry leaders and innovators from around the world to converge and collaborate. This inaugural event is poised to set the stage for future advancements and elevate the overall passenger experience on a global scale, with closer involvement of the SAARC countries as well.”

With a focus on capturing the immense underlying potential in aviation travel and passenger experience, this event is set to redefine industry standards and drive innovation in the aviation sector. It underscores the company’s commitment to capitalising on India’s thriving domestic market while drawing attractions from key global players in the aviation industry.

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