Iodex partner with for a first-of-its-kind ‘Rapid Recovery Program’

Iodex partner with for a first-of-its-kind   ‘Rapid Recovery Program’

New Delhi, May 2022: Iodex, the leading body pain expert from GSK Consumer Healthcare and a renowned household name in India for over 100 years, partners with for its rapid recovery program to support fitness enthusiasts. Through this unique collaboration, a series of videos, dedicated to the 2R’s of exercise i.e. Rest & Recovery are being rolled out exclusively for members.

Led by in-house experts, the videos will emphasize on the importance of rest and recovery post any exercise schedule. While exercise and training are important for overall fitness and health, people often tend to ignore the recovery phase. Rest and recovery are paramount as they support the body in repairing and strengthening itself in between workout sessions and more importantly allows one to recover, both physically and psychologically. By following the rapid recovery program, individuals will be able reduce the risk of injuries, increase flexibility, range of motion and improve performance.

The series is beneficial for fitness enthusiasts and athletes at different stages of their fitness journey. Iodex Rapid Action Spray is a perfect ally to not let pain stop them in their quest for achieving their dreams.

Commenting on this association, Bineet Jain, Area Marketing Lead – Pain & Respiratory Health, India Subcontinent, GSK Consumer Healthcare said, “We are happy to partner with for this uniquely curated Rapid Recovery program, customized for individuals with an interest in sports and exercising. As a brand that encourages individuals to stay fit and active without the worry of body pain, we are confident that this series will be highly beneficial and help with faster recovery and lay the foundation for improved physical performance day after day.”

Prachita Pujari,, Brand Head said, “We are looking forward to working with a brand that has such a strong legacy in pain relief and has been an essential part of Indian homes for decades. With this partnership, we are together propagating the idea and approach of efficient recovery and avoiding injuries, which is a vital part of fitness. We look forward to a fruitful association together!”

As a true body pain expert, Iodex understands pain needs of its consumers and continues to bring out innovations that cater to their evolving requirements. The brand offers an exhaustive portfolio of pain relief products including Iodex Balm, Iodex UltraGel & Iodex Rapid Action Spray, which can cater to different pain states & address varied format preferences of consumers.

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