IPLIX Media launches a brand new vertical IPLIX Creator Accelerator

With a long term vision of bridging the gap in the creators economy, one of India’s top creator management firms, IPLIX media co-founded by Neel Gogia and Jag Chima has announced a fresh vertical IPLIX Creator Accelerator (ICA).

Poised to be a launchpad for upcoming creators falling within the micro and nano segment, ICA will provide a suitable ecosystem for growth and expansion to these smaller creators,
Since its inception 5 years ago, IPLIX has worked with 400+ brands and the top creators of the country including the likes of Tech Burner, Thugesh, Dharna Durga, Tanya Khanijow, Saloni Gaur, RJ Abhinav amongst others.

As per industry statistics the majority of nano and micro creators look at content creation as a side hustle because of lack of consistent income and appropriate mentorship and exposure to the advertising and brand community. Over the last six months, ICA has witnessed an astounding growth rate of more than 200%, with some creator’s social media following going from less than 20k followers to over 150k followers to creators receiving an exposure to over 75+ leading brands to some getting awarded for their work.

ICA creator Divisha says, “My experience at ICA has been incredibly valuable. The mentorship provided by industry experts has been a game changer for me. I’ve implemented many of the tips and tricks shared by the mentors and have seen a significant improvement in the quality of my content. Whenever I’ve felt stuck, their guidance has always helped me gain clarity’’

Another ICA creator, Bhavika adds, “I’ve been working with IPLIX in the ICA program for 6 months now, and it has truly helped me grow as a creator. The sessions they organize are extremely insightful, and I have learned a lot.I am excited to continue working with them in the future!”

Neel Gogia, Co-Founder, IPLIX Media says, “At IPLIX, we are dedicated to fostering the next generation of influencers. Top creators have access to best in class management teams and have garnered significant business attention. Having worked with creators for the past seven years, I’ve observed that the future stars will continually evolve, emerging from those with 10,000 to 100,000 followers. By providing a unique approach to content creation, we are committed to offering a comprehensive ecosystem for discovery. This initiative will help the talented but less visible micro and nano creators gain recognition. We connect them with top brands and creators, share our expertise, and integrate them into a supportive community. Our goal is to ensure that dedicated creators transition smoothly into full-time content creation, establishing it as a viable and fulfilling career path.”

Divyansh Sharma, COO & Founding Member IPLIX Creator Accelerator says, “In various conversations with creators within the follower range of 10,000 to 1,00,000 and brands we realised there is nobody catering to their needs and addressing the immense potential and hence ICA came into being. Since its inception, our creators from this division have already partnered with over 75 unique brands, including prominent names such as OnePlus, Nykaa, Coca-Cola, Zomato, Garnier, L’Oréal, and Rapido.”

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