It’s a Teenage Special in the upcoming episode of The Inventor Challenge

The Inventor Challenge on Colors Infinity has taken the audiences by storm by reinvigorating the spirit of inventions for the last 6 weeks. With budding inventors coming in from across the country, the audience and the panelists have been nothing but proud. This one-of-a-kind reality show aims to provide talented young minds with a unique platform to create path-breaking inventions under the guidance of experienced panelists. In the upcoming 7th episode, themed Wearables, 4 young inventors Aryan Gupta, Jayveer Kochhar, Kaavya Jayaram, and Sifat Sayal will be seen stunning the panelists with their respective inventions: Cooling Jacket, Anxiety Respiratory Belt, Compression Belt for the Elderly, and Autism Watch respectively. Aged between 14 and 18 years, these Gen-Z inventors and their ideas are out of the world which made all the panelists excited to see what was in store for them.

17-year-old Sifat from New Delhi will present her invention of an Autism Watch, a simple yet functional device that predicts a potential ‘meltdown’ by monitoring the wearer’s vitals. Aryan Gupta is another budding inventor aged 17 from Jharkhand who amazed the panelists with his invention of the summer cooling jacket, a great accessory for those out on long rides. Inspired by her grandparents’ struggle, 17-year-old inventor Kaavya Jayaram will be seen showcasing her invention of a Compression Belt for the Elderly. This belt is made to ensure that the elderly are at ease when getting up from bed. And that’s not all, Jayveer Kochhar, a 14-year-old boy from Mumbai, will be seen stunning the panelists with BreatheFree, a belt that can detect anxiety from the wearer’s breathing.

Who would have thought, in the midst of games and technology, young minds would also be thinking of ideas to help people out?

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