Jaro Education reached all-time high in student enrolment in FY24

Jaro Education reached all-time high in student enrolment in FY24Mumbai, July 01st, 2024: Jaro Education, a pioneering force in the online education sector, suite of online management and technology programs, combined with its focus on career advancement and industry-

relevant skills, has enabled it to augment enrolments for bachelor’s degree programs, and master’s degree programs offered by Partner Institutions.

Last financial year, the company had closed its enrolments with highest enrolment of more than 29,000 learners.

The working professionals enrolled with Jaro Education seek to complete further education, often in high-demand disciplines seeking to improve career prospects, transition into an alternate career, or broaden their education for personal enjoyment.

35% students with 0-2 years work experience enrolled through Jaro Education. While, 30% students enrolled with 3-5 years work experience, 26% with 6-10 years work experience. Besides, learners with 10+ years comprised 9% of enrolment.

Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, CMD, Jaro Education said, “Our curated offering of high quality, affordable and customized programs, combined with strategic affiliations with top-tier Partner Institutions has boosted enrolments for our online, hybrid and in-person degree programs, from 21,786 in FY23 to 29,087 in FY24.

We believe that our expertise and experience in increasing enrolment capacity and access to a plethora of cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge courses, extending universities’ outreach through efficient student marketing and admission related services, has enabled us to become one of the leading higher edtech companies in India.”

Jaro Education’s business intelligence, performance marketing and faculty training strategies draw on a wide variety of data sets and are based on key market variables, including the existing market size of a degree, potential student demographics and client characteristics. Identifying potential growth opportunities enables Jaro Education to systematically identify degrees at universities that have the highest probability of success. It utilizes data-driven marketing strategies to improve marketing effectiveness, test marketing sources, and enhance the enrolment experience for its students.

Jaro Education plans to continue to invest in marketing, branding and advertising, to increase student enrolment rates and to increase scalability of business.

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